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CISA Certificate

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What is CISA?

CISA has been registered by the  Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) since 1978. At present, CISA certification has become a symbol of the holder’s important achievements in the professional fields of information system audit, control, and security, and has gradually developed into a globally recognized standard.

CISA ’s Value

The CISA certificate is among the highest-paid certificates. For a long time, CISA has been at the top of the list with its market value.

CISA is regarded as the “golden standard” of IT / IS certification by enterprises and professionals all over the world.

——Statistics of IT skills and certificates salary index (ITSCPI) of Foote Partners in the first quarter of 2015

CISA is one of the most valued certificates when employers recruit employees. CISA is a prerequisite for the Australian government’s iRAP certificate.

——Analysis of the UK government’s 2014 Cyber Security Skills report

By the end of 2016, more than 130,000 IT governance and information security professionals worldwide had obtained this certificate.

CISA is fit for

Practitioners and IT auditors of information system audit

Information security manager, IT risk management, IT internal control management practitioners

CIO, IT manager, information system manager

Finance, operation, and audit professionals

Employees in charge of information system planning, project management, R&D, operation and maintenance, etc

Information security consultant, IT control consultant, and IT professional service provider

Advantages of CISA

  1. A CISA certificate is good proof of professional ability in the field of information system audit, security, and control.
  2. Whether you want to improve your work performance, get a promotion, or compete for a new position, having a CISA certificate will give a person a competitive advantage that others can’t have.
  3. In China, the CBRC requires major commercial banks to have a certain number of CISA certificate holders in order to carry out IT audit work.
  4. CISA certificate shows the reputation of professionals as qualified professionals in the fields of information system audit, control, authentication, and security, and have the solid and reliable technical ability.


Test question type: single choice, machine test, score on the spot, test for 4 hours. The total score is 800 points; there are 150 questions, and 450 points are the passing line.

Examination language: Chinese, English, German, Spanish, and other languages. Students can choose independently when registering for the examination according to their language habits.

Examination fee: about 684$ (unified registration of officially authorized training institutions).

Certification body: ISACA ( Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

Conditions of Getting the Certificate

  1. Pass the CISA exam. If you only pass the CISA test but fail to obtain the work experience listed below, the test results can only be valid for five years. If the applicant fails to meet the certification requirements of CISA within five years, the examination results will be invalid.
  2. Provide a confirmation form of 5 years of working experience in information system audit, control, assurance, or security. Work experience must be obtained within ten years prior to the date of application for certification or five years from the date of initial examination.
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