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List Of Days To Celebrate During The Valentine Week

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Everyone wants to talk about nothing except love at that time of year. Many new loves are on the rise, and they are already seeking flower delivery in Mumbai for their sweetheart. Even married couples are getting into the habit of spending extra time with their spouses and doing something special for them. However, it is critical to recognise that many more things must be prioritised if one is to make the most of Valentine’s Week. So, to avoid missing out on opportunities that could change your life forever, here is an exact breakdown of what each day represents throughout Valentine’s Week.

Rose Day

Prepare for Valentine’s Week, which begins on 7th February with Rose Day. It’s time to choose a lovely rose for your lovely lady. They exchange colourful roses to demonstrate their feelings for one another on this day. And guess what else? These roses, which are specially offered on this day, symbolise true love. Isn’t it fascinating? You can also get your loved one a Valentine cake with a bouquet of roses to celebrate this day.

Propose Day

Now is the time to propose to your beloved and have them embrace it wholeheartedly. So, in the most romantic way possible, express your love to someone. On the unique occasion of Propose Day, a heart-shaped cake with a gorgeous Valentine day flowers bouquet is the ideal approach to propose to someone. Aside from that, if you want to surprise your lover with an expensive ring on a romantic date, hide the proposal ring in a personalised cake. It will perform all of the magic. So, go ahead and make your proposal one-of-a-kind.

Chocolate Day

The chocolate day arrives shortly after the proposal day. Okay, today is all about spreading as much love and joy as you can by gifting tasty sweets to your crush, girlfriend, friends, family members, and neighbours. You can give your husband, partner, girlfriend, or wife imported chocolates in various shapes, flavours, and colours. The primary purpose of commemorating Chocolate Day is to show your partner how sweet they are. Consider displaying the chocolate in an inventive manner. To add to the uniqueness of your gift, purchase a decked-out basket, fill it with chocolates and meaningful presents, and tie it up with ribbons.

Teddy Day

We understand that your real-life cute, cuddly spouse is probably far superior to a soft toy. However, this wonderful gesture of gifting a teddy bear will likely bring a lover’s heart to its knees.

Promise Day

This day is celebrated on the 5th day of Valentine week; couples commit to each other to always be together through thick and thin. Take advantage of this day because the name of the day says it all.

Hug Day

Hug your favourite someone closely on the occasion of Hug Day to give them a gift of your most profound sentiments and emotions. It is one of the most important days of the Valentine season for expressing your love and affection for those you care about. So, on this particular day, take some time out of your busy schedule to spend quality time with your sweetheart. Along with a loving hug, you can surprise them with valentine gifts, cakes, and so on.

Kiss Day

Kiss your valentine as you feel their skin brush against your own. There is no finer sensation than receiving a kiss from your significant other, especially if it is under the stars and the light of the moon. Never be afraid to ask for kisses and plant some when they aren’t looking to surprise them with a blush. Furthermore, because they are out of this world, forehead kisses may resolve the most intricate conflicts.

Valentine’s Day

Finally, Valentine’s Day arrives on the final day of the week. On February 14th, the day is marked in commemoration of St Valentine, a Roman saint from the third century. It’s a day of celebration, of passion and dedication, and of happy anticipation of meeting one’s ideal partner. Throughout these eight days, every moment spent with one other is remarkable.

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