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A Step-By-Step Guide to Convert DigiByte (DGB) to Bitcoin (BTC)

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Cryptocurrencies have been popular buzzwords since the start of the new decade. In this time of information technology, not knowing the DGB to BTC conversion process can’t be an excuse to not earn more money from trading.

If you are interested in trading currencies, this article has complete information on exchanges, what you need, DGB to BTC conversion on Godex, and much more. 

Accurately Trade DGB 

Trading Process

To trade or sell DGB in a proper way, you must follow these steps:

  • Crypto Exchange: If you are holding DGB on a crypto exchange, visit the platform. The platform will have all the instructions. Follow them and complete the trade.
  • Digital Wallet: Holding your DGB in a digital wallet means you need to select a crypto platform to complete the transaction. Just select the exchange and sell from the wallet.

Is It Possible to Convert to BTC?

Since cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency conversion is possible and both DGB and BTC are popular currencies, you can perform the exchange. But selecting a safe cryptocurrency platform is mandatory.

Tools for a Safe Conversion

Connection Safety

Always avoid public internet connections. Public connections like Wi-Fi are less secured. Even private networks need additional security boosters like a VPN. These secured connections can protect you from potential threats. 

Trustworthy Exchange

Unlike traditional exchanges, cryptocurrencies have different forms of exchanges for currencies. But decentralized and anonymous exchanges can provide conversion safety since Bitcoin itself has decentralized features.

Security for Digital Wallets

Crypto exchange hacking is not a myth anymore. Often, less reliable exchanges get hacked. A safe digital wallet can help you control your funds with a private key. Also, the currencies are kept out of the exchange, which is considered a secured option.

Step-By-Step Guide to Convert DGB to BTC on Godex

  • Select the currencies: The first step includes selecting the two currencies. In that case, we will select DGB and BTC. Select DGB in You Send and BTC in You Get. A calculated amount will be shown.
  • Put the address: Confirm your wallet address information in this step. Double-check the addresses and select Exchange.
  • Deposit and Wait: Enter your deposit address and send cryptocurrencies for exchange. Wait a few minutes. 
  • Exchange: The final step is letting Godex conduct the exchange. The platform will find the best pricing for you, and your desired currency will be sent to you very fast.
  • Completion: A exchange completion page will appear. The exchange will skip performing any data collection process from you. So the exchange will be safe and anonymous.


So you went through the step-by-step process to complete a DGB for BTC exchange. You can perform it in a better way if you follow the steps mentioned in the article. You must keep in mind that proper tools are required to perform a secure transaction.

On the other hand, safe and anonymous exchanges like Godex can completely change your experience of trading DGB for BTC. If you are ready to start an exchange now, check out the Godex platform.

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