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A Guide to Understanding the Cost of Cremation

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Choosing cremation services is becoming more popular every year. Experts estimate that by 2027, 65.2% of Americans will choose cremation for their final journey. There are many reasons that people choose cremation over a traditional burial. Some religions consider cremation to be optimal and encourage the rite, such as Buddhism and Hinduism. 

The National Funeral Directors in 2021 reported that the national median cost of a traditional burial, including the viewing, was quickly nearing $8.000.00. The cost of cremation certainly is a less expensive route than a burial in a cemetery. 

Direct Cremation

The most economical choice for cremation is direct cremation, meaning there is no viewing or traditional funeral service. Where you live will determine the cost of cremation services based on the local economy and cost of living. With no viewing, there is no need for costly embalming. 

There will be an inexpensive cremation casket made of combustible material that can be completely incinerated. There is no expensive coffin, cemetery plot, and no burial cost. The national average for direct cremation services is suggested to be approximately $1650.00. 

Cremation Packages

While some people prefer the no-frills option of direct cremation, others opt for a more traditional service or memorial service along with cremation. The cost of cremation packages varies depending on personal preference and are available for purchase through funeral homes. For memorial services without a viewing, the memorial can be held someplace special to the deceased, like a park or beach,  making the occasion very personal

Just like a traditional funeral with burial, there will likely be a viewing along with a funeral director or someone in charge of the service. There are all the costs of a funeral minus the burial plot and fees associated. There is an option for a traditional coffin, or rentals are available for the wake or funeral. The key difference is that after the service, instead of moving the procession to the cemetery, the body is taken to the crematorium to be incinerated after being placed in a cremation casket

Preneed Cremation

If you are positive that cremation is the right choice for you, consider investing in preneed services. Cremation purchased preneed locks at the cost of cremation at the current rate, no matter when you pass. Selecting preneed services is often part of estate planning. As a bonus, with some plans, no matter where you are in the world, if the unexpected happens, your body will be cremated and shipped home to your designated recipient. 

Customizable Options


Final wishes are a significant part of the last chapter of your life. For some, it is a personal preference, and for others, a financial consideration, and sometimes a combination of both. When planning for the cost of cremation, consider what is most important to you or your loved one. Fully customizable options are available, and something to fit most everyone’s needs. For more information on cremation and the options available, search for “cost of cremation” online for services in your local area.

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