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A Free System for Selling Your Home

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The housing market continues to boom all over the country.

But with the markets thriving leaves many homeowners wondering if now is really the time to sell their home.

Now, selling your home always comes with hidden expenses. If you go the traditional route, you will have to cover the costs of your real estate agent’s fees and percentage of the sale. You will also have to cover your lawyer’s fees and their managing of all titles and documents. And you will likely also have to cover the cost of fine-tuning your home to make it look as desirable as possible to the market.

But thanks to innovative online solutions, you can now list your house for free, making it even more appealing to consider selling right now.

When you list your house online there are many added benefits that come along with it. We are going to walk you through the steps of what it is like to sell your home online for free and everything you should know about doing so.

1. You can choose how you list

When you use free portals online to list your home, you don’t actually have to pay anything upfront. In fact, you can choose the basic plans where it costs you nothing to list your home and you only pay a small fee when your house has actually sold. This is much better than the alternative of going through a real estate agent, where you pay them regardless of whether or not your home actually sells.

2. The online website supports your sale

In addition to waiving any fees until you actually get a sale, when you list online you will also get added marketing support of getting to have your listing shown on sites like Zillow, Trulia and Homes.com. In addition, you will get support in managing showing times, a classic sign for your front yard to also announce your house is for sale. With no money down and all these added perks, there really isn’t much to lose!

3. You can upgrade your support

You can choose to stick to the free plan, or you can also choose to upgrade your plan to get an added layer of support for quite a bargain. This includes getting all the benefits that come with the basic free option, as well as getting professional photography done, management of the sale papers and offer reviews and preparation. These extra benefits will take a lot of the stress out of the sale of your home and instead let you focus on packing up your house and getting ready to make your big move.

4. There are no hidden fees or surprises

When you list your home for free on online portals, you know exactly what you are getting. This means there are no hidden fees that will come out of the left field and surprise you. It is much easier to manage the costs of selling your home—because let’s face it, there are plenty. Plus, if you go for the basic free option, you can simplify your upgrades by selecting a-la-carte add-ons that include things like just getting professional photography, a combo lock for your house tours and extra online advertising campaigns. No surprises are the best way to go when it comes to selling your home.

5. You choose who you show and sell to

When you list your house for free, you have more control over who you let see your house and who you choose to sell to. You will manage the communication with the buyers directly in regards to viewings, offers and selling. The paperwork can be done all online at the convenience of the both of you.

6. Ultimately save more

Studies are showing that those who list their house for free online end up saving over $20,000 altogether in the sale process. That is a lot of extra money that would have just been wasted on a sale that you can clearly do yourself. So when it comes to selling your home, why not save money, especially when it is that much!

Using free systems to sell your home is becoming increasingly popular for both the money you can save and the more control you will have. All you have to do is list your home and you will automatically be given a range of support that will help you sell your home and save more money—an easy and convenient solution for a crazy world.

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