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10 places to be visited in Mumbai

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Mumbai is the city of dreams where dreams are very well made as well as fulfilled. Ranging from the very basic jam-packed railway platforms to the famous multimillionaires, this particular city has something for everyone. If you are interested to plan a trip to the city of Mumbai then definitely you need to make sure to have a comprehensive list of places to be visited in the city and ultimately have the perfect trip. Planning the stay in grand Hyatt Mumbai is a good idea for you and the following are some of the basic places that you need to visit in this particular city today:

  1. JAWHAR: This is a very important hill station near the city of Mumbai and is one of the most beautiful places to be visited. This place comes with abundant natural beauty along with majestic mountains, very dense forests ancient architectural wonders and strong cultural ethics.
  2. AdlabsImagica: This place is one of the most important places to be visited in the city of Mumbai so your entertainment is never compromised at any step. This place is very well located on the Mumbai Pune Expressway and is the perfect destination for a one-day trip from Mumbai. It comes with three entertainment zones which are capable of providing people with an interesting selection of entertainment options for people from different age groups without a doubt. It is also ideal and successful in providing people with accommodation, dining and shopping facilities so that everyone will be able to enjoy a wholesome package over here.
  3. MANORI: Visiting this place is also a very good idea for individuals so that they can eliminate the hustle and bustle of the city and can enjoy spending some peaceful time by the sea. Basically, this is a very important and wonderful place to be visited so that you can enjoy the seaside restaurants, sex, churches and other associated things to get the perfect goa vibe.
  4. Lavasa: This place is very much successful in providing you with the best combination of natural beauty with man-made infrastructure. Lavasa is the first planned hill station in India which is very well spread across 25,000 acres of land and is capable of getting stylistic inspiration from the Italian town of Portofino. This particular hill station comes with significant buildings, a beautiful ambience and a beautiful infrastructure along with clean surroundings for the individuals.
  5. Mahabaleshwar: Popularly this particular place is very well known as the strawberry capital of India and is very well counted among the best hill stations near Mumbai. The beauty of this particular place makes it very mesmerising and ultimately people can enjoy multiple accessibilities to the viewing points, tracking activity and the best possible Lakes. Delicious strawberries are also very easily available over here which makes it very much popular and an ideal destination for tourists.
  6. Khandala: This place is only 5 km away from Lonavla and is one of the most important hill stations to be visited by individuals whenever they visit Mumbai. Perfectly this is the best place of planning the escape from the city chaos and spending quality time in the natural surroundings without any doubt. This is one of the most popular places to be visited by rock climbers and hikers.
  7. Mahakali caves: This place is one of the most important opportunities for exploring something truly interesting because it comes with 19 Hillside games on the feature of the individuals. It is ranging from the historical aspect from the first century to and sixth century and is also very much successful in providing people with access to the Buddhist historical aspects on many walls.
  8. Jehangir Art Gallery: This place was built in 1952 and is a very popular place for important exhibitions by painters, craftsmen and photographers. This place was very well formulated with the motive of promoting contemporary Indian art and establishing a bond between aspiring artists as well as art lovers. Many exhibitions are consistently held over here which people need to witness so that they will be able to improve the love associated with the art very successfully.
  9. National Gallery of Modern Art: The butterfly shape gallery in this particular place makes it very much popular among individuals and the best part is that it is capable of attracting art lovers from different parts of India. This place very well provides people with access to visual and plastic art forms so that everyone will be able to enjoy a lot and ultimately there will be no scope for any problem. Everyone will be able to explore the artworks by Pablo Picasso over here along with several other kinds of popular artists.
  10. Mumbai film city: This particular place is very well successful in providing people with access to the intricacies of the Bollywood cinema in the form of theatres, gardens, lakes, recording rooms, ground and other associated things which are very well sent out for the Bollywood film shootings. People can easily take a bus tour of the film city with their friends and ultimately will be able to enjoy multiple familiar sets of popular movies and tv serials. If you are a diehard fan of Bollywood then visiting this place is definitely a very good idea for you so that you can count on the right things very proficiently without missing the main ones.

In addition to the places mentioned above, visiting Versova Beach, Prithvi theatre, hanging Gardens, Worli Sea face, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, Shivaji Park and other associated places is definitely important for you to have the perfect trip in this particular city. Ultimately planning the stay in grand Hyatt Mumbai is definitely a good idea so that everything will be streamlined and you will be always have the perfect experience in this particular city without any doubt. In this case travelling related technicalities will be very well fulfilled because you will be covering one of the most important cities of the entire India which is the city of dreams, Mumbai.

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