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What Is Office Hoteling Software? And How It Could Boost Your Business Productivity

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Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, flexible work was a primary workplace strategy in many organizations. But after employees began to work from home, it became clear that they could work very well from home.

Similar to the importance of hotel reputation management in the hospitality industry, effective office hoteling management is crucial for optimizing productivity and maximizing the utilization of workspace.

Companies had begun implementing office hoteling software to increase flexibility in when and where their employees can work.

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Office hoteling systems offer a flexible workplace where employees can work where and when it suits them best on a given day.

When office hoteling software is well implemented, employees become more productive, resulting in a company that saves money from downsizing their office space while still giving their employees the needed workspaces. 

Read on to learn what office hoteling is and its benefits to your productivity as a business.

What Is Office Hoteling Software?

Office hoteling software is a reservation system that allows employees to seek and claim a workspace or its resources when they need it (on demand) for a chosen period that fits their working needs.

Booking a room at the office is like booking a hotel room. An employee simply uses their office hoteling app to browse for available workspaces. Once they have found one, they make a reservation followed by a confirmation. As the norm is with hotel booking, employees check-in to the booked office space when they arrive, then check out once they are done. 

Depending on your business’s choice of reservation software, you can automate the booking to allow renewals and approvals as employees check in. The reservations can also include an option to make unique options such as integration with any other tech you use in the office space: this creates a seamless, user-friendly experience.

How Does Office Hoteling Boost Your Business Productivity

Increases Collaboration Amongst employees

Office hoteling hands employees the ability to choose the space that best suits their work needs which gives collaboration a big push. Employees seeking to exchange their ideas and get diverse perspectives or even connect with a group of members on a shared project can select a workplace that will facilitate their type of collaborative work in the best way possible. 

The hotel reservation system allows employees to pick conference and meeting rooms equipped for collaboration. Collaboration organised by the employees at their own chosen times increases the productivity of such sessions.

Allows Effective Management of Resources and Spaces

Companies get to effectively manage spaces due to the visibility of where everyone is seated or scheduled to sit. The improved visibility of floor plans allows facility managers to know the exact spaces in use and gain insight on how to adapt them accordingly to maximise productivity. 

Moreover, managers generate accurate occupancy data they can present to decision-makers when it’s time to plan for the future.

Boosts Overall Employee Productivity

The flexibility of employees is supported by the confidence that they will choose the space they need when they need it. By having the power to choose when and where to work, you can expect employee spirit and morale to go up a few levels. 

Is Hoteling Software Right For You?

Instead of the traditional crowd of employees working simultaneously in a workplace, office hoteling helps you stagger the shifts and reduce floor occupancy by implementing shift days or shift timings as per employee requirements. 


All in all, the software allows you to support remote working while integrating it with office attendance to make the most out of your talent pool.

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