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What are the Various Types of Co-working Space in Jakarta

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A co-working space is a shared space for working. Usually, people rent seats according to their business needs and budget. These spaces are designed differently depending on the purposes. Today, the use of co-working space is in high demand. Many people are wondering where to find co-working space in Jakarta. Since there are many co-working spaces in Jakarta, finding one that suits your needs is quite easy. First, you need to explore various types of co-working spaces in Jakarta to find a perfect one that suits your business needs.

where to find co-working space in Jakarta.

Conventional space

These spaces are not designed for specific standards, but their extensive open area is the key feature. This feature offers an interactive working environment. The conventional office space is not seclusive like other spaces but gives the employee a spacious and lit working area.

All-inclusive/ luxury co-working spaces

All-inclusive spaces are found in large cities and are fancy. Their interior designs are elegant. They are suitable for well-funded businesses and organizations. Each employee has an individual room which means there is minimal interaction not unless you attend the same event. There are also cafés at the center that offer sweet snacks.

Digital Nomadic co-working spaces

Due to the digital nomad culture, the demand for these co-working spaces is increasing. They are designed to hold different types of services within a business office. E.g., coffee shops with Wi-Fi connections and power supply. You can carry out various tasks here rather than taking coffee. You can check your emails using your device and access power. If you are wondering where to find a co-working space in Jakarta that is digitally designed, then it is very easy as long as you know your needs first and your budget.

Professional co-working space

These types of spaces in Jakarta are designed specifically for professional renting. It offers a conducive working atmosphere through its privacy and comfortable furniture. The front desk is clean and is staffed with a welcoming receptionist. Besides, the meeting room is spacious and is great for holding business discussions. You can find this type of co-working space in Jakarta, and it will suit your needs effectively.

High-end space


These spaces are open like conventional ones, but they’re more luxurious. It provides food and other refreshments to the members. The spaces are well lit and ventilated, which creates a perfect working environment for the employees. This will, in turn, promote employee interactions. These spaces are cost-effective because they can accommodate more workers in a single place.

High-end space

Private co-working spaces

They are designed for companies that value privacy. The offices have doors with locks. Every business carried within private co-working space is under the ownership of the business. The main need for private business is to prevent negative influence from other people.

Where to find co-working space in Jakarta? Finding a co-working space for your needs is quite easy in Jakarta because they are plenty of them. You just need to know your budget and needs. Ensure that you find a great coworking space that is well designed. That way, the productivity in your firm will increase.

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