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Truck Accidents: What You Should Do After Being Personally Injured

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Car accidents can be traumatic, especially when the other motor vehicle involved is a large truck. The accidents are often severe and result in significant damage and injuries. Getting lost on where to start is easy after such an impactful accident.

The first thing to do after being injured in a truck accident is to seek immediate medical attention. Next, file a police report, contact an attorney, and share a detailed account of the accident. With the help of your lawyer, you can begin your claim for compensation as you continue to recover from the injury.

Here are the steps truck accident attorneys advise you to take after a truck accident.

Get A Medical Assessment

Conduct a self-assessment for injuries after establishing your safety and those around you. If you are badly injured, call 911 to have an ambulance sent. Remember that not all injuries show immediately after accidents. 

The shock of an accident causes an adrenaline rush in your system that can mask the pain you will feel later. Other times, what appears as a minor bruise could later result in a significant condition requiring more medical attention. Allow a paramedic to check you on the scene and visit a hospital later and days after the accident.

Your medical report also makes it easier for truck accident attorneys to prove the correlation between current injuries and those that show later with the truck accident when seeking compensation.

File A Police Report

Like most cases, filing a police report is crucial after getting injured in a truck accident. The only time it’s not needed is when the vehicle damage was negligible, and no one was hurt. Note that the parties involved, including the truck driver, may suggest that you solve the matter without involving the police or insurance companies. Handling things off the books can put you in a difficult financial and legal situation. Your police report is crucial evidence for truck accident attorneys, so do not forego it.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Irrespective of whether or not you will be filing a claim with them, it’s important to alert your insurance company of the accident. Before you leave the scene, you should also exchange information on insurance providers with the truck driver and any other party involved. Insurance information is crucial as this is where your truck accident attorneys will direct your claim for compensation.

Consult Truck Accident Attorneys

An experienced truck accident lawyer possesses a vast knowledge of such claims. This will help you identify who is liable and build a strong case against them. Trucking companies often have a legal team ready to fight their claims. The success of your suit is highly dependent on hiring an attorney since they are aware of the defenses the company will try to come up with.

Seek Compensation For Damages After A Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be severe. The strength of your claim is dependent on how quickly you take action. As soon as you get emergency medical attention, contact an attorney. Insurance adjusters will rush to make you offers, and so might the trucking company. Ensure you’ve had a legal consultation before accepting any compensation offered.

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