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SMS Promotions: Creating a Buzz and Driving Sales

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Time is money when it comes to your business. You need to create promotional campaigns that drive the maximum number of sales in the shortest period of time. This is why SMS texting is so well suited to your needs. It’s a medium that is far less expensive than cold calling. At the same time, it’s much less intrusive than sending out mass emails.

Texts Are a Great Way to Communicate

The wide range of SMS promotions that you can make use of is truly astounding. Perhaps the best thing about them is the intimacy that they can cultivate. A short, snappy text is a lot more effective than a gaudy, barely personalized email. It’s also much less costly than sending out circulars via snail mail.

Thanks to modern automation, you can now send out thousands of texts at the press of a single button. Within seconds, they will be received and responded to. From there, you can quickly measure the impact that they have on your business. You can record the metrics in order to use them in your next campaign. It’s a clean and cost-effective process.

SMS Texts Can Advertise Your Latest Promotions

SMS texts are the perfect medium for making people aware of your latest promotions. In a few short words, you can clue them into all of your latest arrivals. You can let them know about flash sales, closeouts, and a thousand other events. With the right SEO, you can create a buzz that drives thousands of site visits and subsequent sales.

The texts that you send can be timed to let people know what the promotions are and when they will be live. This way, you can give people a window of time to respond. Make sure that it’s tight enough to create a sense of urgency. Each SMS text should follow an effective formula. This is to give a bit of vital info followed by an effective call to action.

Use SMS to Send Out Timely Reminders

Learning how to leverage SMS marketing in the correct manner should be a major goal for every business owner. One of the best ways to do so will be to use it as a means of providing loyal customers with effective reminders. For example, if they give you info such as their birthday, make sure to send them timely greetings.

Any chance you have to send yet another text should be seized on. If they have left items behind in their shopping carts, let them know they are still there waiting to be bought. Customers who have purchased certain goods in the past may well be interested in related items. You can send them a thank you note that includes links to them.

Use Texts to Offer Special Discounts

The people who give you the most business are the ones who should be most frequently rewarded. These are the ones who can be notified via text of all sorts of special discounts that you have planned. You can text them to let them know about promotional codes, online coupons, and other goodies that only they have first access to.

Of course, you can also entice new customers by giving them special rookie discounts. This can include 30% off on their first purchase or access to “Buy one, get one free” offers. Whatever it takes to get them in, you can let them know by text. Best of all, you can send out several texts at once to both your long-timers and your newbies.

SMS Texts Can Offer Order Delivery Updates

How long do your customers have to wait to get their goods? You can make the waiting a great deal less tense. The best way to do so is to offer them frequent updates on their order status. These updates can go a long way toward relieving their anxiety. They will also increase your credibility as a prompt and reliable vendor.

As a business owner, it’s up to you to maximize your profits. At the same time, the convenience of your customers must be kept in mind. SMS texting is the way to satisfy all parties.

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