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Shyla Walker’s sister Shanice Walker Died From Brain Damage

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Shanice Walker, Shyla Walker sister, died, and many are wondering what happened to make her die so young.

Social media personality Shyla Walker shared a picture of her sister Shanice on November 29. Since then, everyone’s wondering what happened to Shanice. As Shyla confirmed, her sister passed away at 29. Now, people are wondering how Shyla’s sister died so young.

Shanice Walker Wiki/ Bio

Nick Name Shanice Walker
Gender Female
Profession Social media influencer
Birth Date 9 August 1992
DeathDate 30 November 2021
Age 29  at time of death
Birth Place Los Angeles California, United States
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Christianity
Spouse Not available
Children Jasline & Nala

What’s the story behind Shyla Walker?

A well-known YouTuber known for her makeup skills. Also, she’s famous for being a partner of another YouTuber, Landon MacBroom. Let’s find out more about Shyla walker sister’s death, family, and more.

Shyla has over 416K subscribers on her YouTube channel, being a well-known YouTuber she has an impressive fan following. Previously, she had a YouTube channel called “This is L&S” with her partner, Landon MacBroom. Due to personal problems, both of them stopped uploading to their YouTube channel.Shyla Walker’s sister Shanice Walker

What happened to Shyla Walker sister?

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Shanice wrote that she was suffering from brain damage.

She wrote: “If we don’t get assistance, she will run out of time.” She begged for help: “I am fighting for her life.”

She wrote: “This is my sister Shanice Walker; she is just 29 years old.”. We were reuniting the family. On Saturday, we had our first family dinner.

The last time I saw my sister healthy was that day, and I don’t remember if I told her I loved her. Mothers crying over dying children is an experience I hope none of you will ever experience.

My family needs another chance with her, and I’m begging you to help us. Currently, she suffers from immense brain damage and is fighting for her life.”shanice walker accident


What was Shanice Walker’s last words?

She had been suffering from immense brain damage”. One would imagine her last words during her time in the hospital bed.

What was Shanice Walker’s age, height and weight?

She passed away suddenly at the age of 29. Her height was 5 feet 5 inches and she weighed about 59 kilograms.

When did Shancie Walker die?

She died on November 30 2021.

What was the cause of Shanice Walker’s death?

Shanice Walker’s cause of death was “immense brain damage.”

Who is Shanice Walker’s husband?

Shanice Walker’s husband name is not revealed.

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