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Modern Cat Litter Box: A Must-Have for Cat Owners

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You can buy your pet cat the fanciest foods, the comfiest cat bed and the most elegant cat collar and accessories. However, if you buy the wrong litter box, be prepared for a kitty uprising. The box is one of the most important feline must-haves for doing its bathroom business. Each furry companion is unique, and you have cool options for choosing the perfect contemporary cat box that works like a charm. Keep reading along for some fabulous feline tips.

Beginning With Cat-tactic Instincts


Cats are more than just extraordinary pets; many owners swear these intelligent creatures possess a sixth sense. What is known to mankind is that a cat has tremendous instincts about stuff. One of these aspects is having the instinct to bury its waste. This goes way back through history when cats were living in the wild. They hid their elimination to conceal their scent and keep predators away.


Domesticated cats have these same instincts today. In other words, felines know how to use a litter box; they don’t need training. However, your pet cat expects a litter box that has easy access, enough space to accommodate their movement and one that gives them the aloneness they expect during bathroom time.

Giving Your Cat a New Contemporary Box


Cats can be fussy, just like their human friends. Most felines are finicky about certain odors and certain areas of your home. They also like maintaining a fastidious grooming routine. The good news here is that today’s litter boxes come in a variety of options to please even the most discerning cats out there.


Cats can even give you the cold shoulder if their litter isn’t just right. For example, if the litter you place is more than two to three inches deep, your feline may not be inclined to go there. It’s all about compromise and finding the right fit.

The Flip Litter Box


Here’s a fine example of a modern cat litter box. The flip litter design offers a roomy interior and more. Your feline friend has front entry access with a lid that can be moved into three positions. This particular unit is ideal for cats that like to “side-pee.” Its seamless base also prevents leaks, and it’s an easy unit to clean out.


The flip litter model is a taller design that is versatile in function and looks sleek and attractive.

The (Open) Litter Tray


Some cats like to do their business in an open-air environment, and the litter tray unit is excellent for that purpose. The model is exceptional for cats that “high-pee” or “litter-kick” and is made with a clip-on splash guard. The 15-inch-high barrier means that Kitty’s spray and mess stay inside.


This modern box gives cats a choice of doing their business in a handsome unit. These contemporary designs don’t look like litter boxes. They blend into interior home decor and serve your pet’s key function.

The Top-Entry Litter Box


If your cat demands easy access and superb convenience, the top-entry litter box design is another one to consider purchasing. It comes with a swivel lid for easy entry and is dog-proof. Your furry companion will enjoy its privacy and spacious surroundings. The seamless base stops leaks, and the top-entry design reduces litter tracking.


This model offers a fab hideout for your cat to do its bathroom business.


The Front/Top Entry Litter Box


If you have a large feline, this beauty needs some space. The front/top entry box is the most versatile and can serve as a multi-cat commode. It gives your felines a choice between front or top access. It is an ideal design that suits kittens, mature cats and those furry friends that prefer a traditional bathroom entrance.


The unit is sturdy, well-built and keeps a mess-free environment when your cat has to go.


Doesn’t your cat deserve the best when it comes to bathroom time? Make the upgrade to a litter box that is modern, sleek and the cat’s meow. Your feline will feel comfy, calm and safe.

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