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The Success Story of Mimi Morris: A Richest Bling Empire Star

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Mimi Morris is a famous TV personality. She is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is a cast member of Bling Empire season 2.
Fans had to wait over a year, but Bling Empire season 2 was finally released on Netflix in May. And there’s a new cast member who got many people curious. She is the richest cast member and one of the new faces seen in Bling Empire season 2.
According to sources, she’s been a model entrepreneur, is now a philanthropist, and regularly works with charities like the Children’s Hospital of Orange County’s Children’s Foundation.

Now, she might be living a life of luxury. Mimi was born in 1969 in Vietnam, where she and her siblings suffered through the war.


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QuickFacts About Mimi Morris

Name Mimi morris
Date of birth 9 November 1969
Place of birth Vietnam
Age 54 years
Profession Social media Influencer, entrepreneur, model
Current residence California
Nationality Vietnamese
Ethnicity Christian
Gender Female
Source of wealth Actress, model, business
Social media Influencer, and internet personality from Taiwan
Grew up Beverley hills
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Religion Christianity

Mimi Morris Early life, parents, children & husband

She was born on November 9, 1969, and raised in Vietnam with her siblings. She is 54 years old. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She identifies as being of Asian descent. Moreover, Mimi belongs to the Christian ethnicity.

Talking about her parents, Mimi hasn’t given us information regarding her parents and family history. Mimi didn’t communicate with her mother and father either.

She hasn’t said why. Mimi Morris said in the Netflix episodes during Vietnam, “There are no specifics provided on the father, mother, siblings, or any family members of the socialite.”

When Mimi was just seven years old, a big war occurred. She couldn’t leave her village with her seven brothers and sisters to stay safe. Instead, they had to live in a big hole in the ground for two years, and they didn’t have much to eat or drink.

She moved to the United States with her family at 15. She grew up in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America. She began her own

company and became a millionaire. The successful businessperson has also worked as a model for different brands during her career.


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Name Mimi morris
Father’s name NA
Mother’s name NA
Siblings Unknown
Children 3 children

  • Huy Tran
  • Hannah Oquist
  • Skyler
Husband / boyfriend Donald Morris

Who IsDon Morris From ‘BLING EMPIRE’?

Don Morris is Mimi Morris’s husband in the show ‘Bling Empire.’ He’s one of the spouses of the Bling Empire cast, just like Dr. Chiu. In season two, Mimi shared that they’d been together for over 20 years and married for 10 years.

Don Morris was married to his long-time partner, Mimi Morris, and had a son. They have three children, two from Mimi’s previous relationship and one 8-year-old boy from Donald. Donald Morris is her current husband. He is the chief executive officer of Morris Group International.

Don Morris is the person who started Morris Group International, a group of companies that make a wide range of products for buildings used in places like offices, hotels, and hospitals.

He started working for this company about 53 years ago, in 1969 and has been in charge for over five decades. In 2017, he was awarded “The Wholesaler’s Person of the Year” because he has qualities important for business like responsibility, honesty, bravery, dedication, kindness, ability to motivate others, loyalty, respect, and friendliness. That’s impressive!


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Mimi Morris’s Net Worth

Mimi is a member of the Bling Empire. She is the wealthiest member of this series. Mimi’s individual Net Worth is around $200 million.

Mimi Morris and her husband’s combined Net Worth is approximately $800 million. As of 2022, their combined Net Worth is estimated to be around $1 billion.

Mimi is also known as a strong businesswoman. She is known as one of the most powerful women in history.

As a social media influencer, Mimi Morris also earns money from her brand collaborations, where she is seen as a cosmetics and sporting designer for brands like Chanel & Dior. Approximately the total net worth is $1 billion.

Name Networth
Mimi morris $200 million ( approx. )
Donald morris $800 million ( approx. )
Total $1 billion ( approx. )

Mimi Morris’s Relationship with Donald Morris

The TV star was engaged in a long-term relationship with Donald. He is the CEO of his company, Morris Group of International.

In the show, Mimi Morris, 53, an old TV personality, said of her 70-year-old husband: “I think most people thought I was pushing Donald to marry me, but no it’s not, I didn’t want to marry him.

I was already divorced once, so I didn’t want to make that mistake one more time, but Donald wanted it. He was asking, ‘Will you marry me?’ every day. So he finally convinced me to say yes.” They welcomed their only son, Skyler, three years after getting married in 2011.


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Mimi Morris’s physical appearance

Mimi Morris’s impressive physical appearance reflects her beauty. Her exact height and weight are unknown, But according to the Sources, it is estimated from her pictures that She’s pretty tall, standing about 6 feet(1.82 meters).

She has a stunning, beautiful body and good health. She is in great shape and has a lovely physique. She dyed her hair in shades like blonde, Dark Brown, and many others.

She has big Dark brown eyes. She also follows her diet plan. She dresses stylishly and looks confident. So, her overall look gives a sense of confidence. People often notice her because of her astonishing, gorgeous, and beautiful eyes.

Height 6 feet (1.82m)
Weight NA
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde, Dark Brown
Lips Luscious


Mimi Morris is active on social media.

She is active on her Instagram account and always shares her pictures and videos on her Instagram account. Mimi Morris’s Instagram account is (@mimi-morris-). She has 106k followers, 756k followers, and 863 posts on her Instagram account.


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Amazing facts about Mimi morris

Her long-time partner, Donald Morris, is an American businessman, and she wed him.
There is a significant age gap between this couple. There is a 22-year age difference between Mimi and Donald.
Mimi Has three kids, and Mimi’s two children are from her ex-relationship.
She only shares the picture of her 8-year-old son with Donald.
Donald Morris’s ex-wife was Meryhelem Morris.
Since 2018, Mimi And her family have lived in the California gated neighborhood of Strand at Headlands, at a $8.8 million house.
Her 8-year-old kid made an appearance in Bling Empire with his parents.

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