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Mercer | Mettl’s psychometric tests help measure the aptitude, traits, and competencies of individuals.

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As the name implies, a psychometric test is a centreline to check the mental abilities of a person. This test is used as an essential skill testing and performance-gauging tool by employers. This test can be used in two different types such as ability and personality tests. The ability test checks for the mental skills of a person for problem-solving, reasoning, information grasping, etc. Whereas a personality test focuses on evaluating one’s behavior, emotional well-being, and style of handling situations. These days, many companies seeking good candidates for specific jobs use these tests as vital recruitment procedures. 

Know the primary role of a psychometric test in hiring 

This test helps recruiters to assess candidates’ potential to perform specific job duties and roles. It gives employers complete insights into skills, and knowledge, and reveals traits of good performance. This test is administered online through talent assessment tools. Thus, companies can evaluate multiple candidates with just the click of a button. The data fetched by this test can be formed automatically as a report. Thus, it enables recruiters to identify participants’ abilities on the basis of given scores. Consequently, companies can segregate star performers easily from a pool of many applicants. Using this test, companies can select candidates on the basis of:

· Numerical and reasoning abilities

· Teamwork and dedication

· Error finding abilities

· Work competency

· Data analysis skills

· Work strengths 

· Potency for leadership

· Stress handling abilities, etc.

These are the primary evaluations that help companies to sort candidates with the help of a psychometric test.

Top reasons to use a psychometric assessment tool

· Better job performance evaluation

It is needless to state that technology is playing a better role in job performance evaluation than manual interviews. This is a true example of artificial intelligence which makes recruiting process productive. A psychometric test from Mercer I Mettl  is the most powerful and valid tool to predict how efficiently a candidate performs in the job. The process of evaluation is data-driven and provided by the candidate. 

· Convenient for hiring

Psychometric testing is more convenient than manual processes. Employers can send the test to single or multiple candidates with a simple click. They will also be able to review the performance of a large number of candidates real time through the psychometric tools, and take their hiring decisions.

· Better ROI

Achieving better ROI is the most generous aspect of every company. So, a psychometric test can help in achieving this goal in the right manner. First, it is easy to purchase and set up at reasonable prices. Secondly, it prevents companies to hire poorly performing candidates which could result in hefty training costs. Thus, employers can pick the right talent suitable to fulfill their goals and make tasks productive. Thus, it can evade unwanted costs and turns into better ROI achievement.

FAQ: Are psychometric tests reliable for employers?

Yes! Compared to other performance evaluation systems, these tests are highly effective. They help businesses to identify the right candidates for specific job roles. By evaluating their mental abilities, behaviors, and skills, employers can make well-versed hiring decisions.

To sum up


The psychometric test from Mercer I Mettl can pave the right path for recruiters to bring the right talent on board to work. So, the power of this test cannot be underrated by the companies. It is a simple yet effective tool for the performance evaluation of employees. Therefore, companies should consider the use of these tests at a large leap to make recruiting effective.

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