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Makeiva Albritten Age, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

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Some people grab your attention not just with their skills but also with their fascinating life stories. Makeiva Albritten is one of these versatile stars who has made a lasting impact on the industry. Fans are buzzing with curiosity about her life, career, and all the interesting stuff in between.

In this article, we’re going to explore the interesting life of Makeiva Albritten and find out more about what makes her so captivating and mysterious.

Early Life

Makeiva Albritten was born on July 17, 1995. Makeiva is from the United States and proudly considers herself African-American.

This means her family has roots in Africa, but she was born and raised in the USA. This background adds to the diversity of America, with people from various backgrounds living together.

She went to Wayne State University, a well-known school with many different classes. Her time there wasn’t just about studying; she also took part in other activities, which helped her grow personally.

You know, she’s a Cancerian and possesses qualities like sensitivity and creativity –  that have helped her succeed in the entertainment industry.

Professional JourneyMakeiva Albritten Biography

Makeiva Albritten began her career in entertainment by first making a name for herself in dance and modeling. She gained recognition through dance competitions and by being featured in popular magazines. After establishing herself in these fields, Makeiva decided to try her hand at acting.

In 2022, she made a significant impact in the acting world with roles in movies like ‘Bond Money’ and ‘Queen of Kings.’ These films showcased her versatility as an actor, allowing her to share the screen with well-known and respected actors in the industry.

Since 2022, Makeiva has been a part of several noteworthy projects, including ‘The Dirty D,’ ‘Bond Money,’ ‘Queen Of Kings,’ ‘Make It Out,’ and ‘Watch Your Back.’ Fans are eagerly anticipating her next ventures, ‘Drugz & Strippers’ and ‘Kingsmen,’ which are scheduled for release in 2023 or 2024.

This reflects the continuous growth and success in Makeiva Albritten’s professional journey within the entertainment industry.

Makeiva Albritton Age, Height & Weight

Lots of folks are curious about Makeiva Albritten’s age, and we’re here to tell you she’s just 28 years old now. Makeiva Albritten stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches and has a weight of around 160 pounds. This charming combination not only catches your eye but also gives off an air of grace and elegance.

She sure knows how to leave a lasting impression with her delightful physical presence.

Personal Life

Makeiva Albritten likes to keep her family life private, but it’s obvious that creating a positive and supportive atmosphere is important to her. She has two children: Jayden (7 years old) and Kayla (2 years old).

Despite the challenges of being a working mom, Makeiva focuses on providing a loving environment for her kids, making sure they experience joy and normalcy in their lives.

In 2020, Makeiva faced a personal challenge when she went through a divorce from her husband. While she keeps the details about her ex-husband private, it’s clear that she maintains a friendly relationship with him, especially for the well-being of their children.

Makeiva Albritten’s Relationship With James Perkins

From 2023, Makeiva dated a guy named James Perkins. He’s a successful businessman who owns a clothing brand. They started going out in 2022, and their relationship is all about supporting each other, sharing good times, and having a real connection.

Not only this but it is also noticed that James gets along well with Makeiva’s kids and has a warm relationship with them. This thing provides all of us with a sense that their relationship seems pretty genuine and happy.Makeiva Albritten Net Worth

Social Media Presence

Makeiva Albritten is pretty active on social media, hanging out on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. She’s friendly and regularly shares stuff about her life and keeps her fans updated on what she’s up to.

This makes her fans feel more connected to her, creating a strong bond between Makeiva and her audience.

Net Worth

Makeiva Albritten has a pretty impressive net worth of $500,000. She didn’t just make this money from acting and modeling. But in fact, she has also earned a massive amount from advertising and her YouTube channels.

This shows she’s not just a talented entertainer but also pretty smart when it comes to business.


Makeiva Albritten’s story is proof that she’s not just talented but also strong and good at juggling a successful career while being a mom. As she keeps impressing us on screen and in other areas, fans are super excited to see what she does next in her amazing journey.

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