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Reality Behind Viral Story Of Kelly Ronahan

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Kelly Ronahan’s story is very sad. Several people saw Kelly go from being a healthy, active ballet dancer to a woman whose leg had to be amputated because of TikTok. At the time, her story was about hope, not giving up, and how powerful kindness can be.

Ronahan needed blood transfusions to treat a disease that doctors couldn’t figure out. For example, they couldn’t figure out why her hemoglobin dropped so much every week.

Ronahan’s blood problem went away for no apparent reason and was replaced by a strange leg problem that caused the meat on her skin to rot. Before you look for photos of Ronahan’s legs, be careful. Not everyone can handle those images.

Profile Summary

Kelly Ronahan

  • Full name: Kelly Ronahan
  • Nickname: Kelly
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of birth: Kelowna, Canada
  • Current residence: Canada
  • Nationality:  Canadian
  • Ethnicity: White Religion Christianity
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color:  Brown
  • Siblings:  One (Gina)
  • Relationship status: Single
  • School:  Okanagan College
  • Profession: Ballet dancer and trainer
  • Famous for: Suffering an unknown illness
  • Instagram:  @differentially_kelly

Her Blood transfusion every week to treat a mysterious blood disease

In 2014, Kelly became well-known after she asked for a blood transfusion every week to treat a mysterious blood disease. She said it was caused by multiple sclerosis and a uterine fibroid, but she didn’t have any proof and had to have a hysterectomy to get rid of it.

Doctors couldn’t figure out why her blood count was dropping so much every week, and by March 2016, she had gotten 95 liters of blood from more than 55 people. She told Global News in a statement:

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People were interested in her story, and she got a lot of support and sympathy from her fans and followers. She usually tells her close to 16,000 Instagram followers what’s going on with her health on her Instagram page.Kelly Ronahan's instagram

In the same year, she joined a group that encourages people to donate blood to the Canadian Blood Service Clinic. This may have saved her life. She was in her 30s at the time and said she was healthy before the results of a blood test came back. Now she needs blood to live.

Kelly was taken to the hospital in July 2016 because she was having seizures, but she was later sent home because the doctors found out she wasn’t telling the truth. Even so, she went to blood drives and was on the local news, which helped her story.

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The port on her arm was inflamed and she had Sepsis from January to April 2017. She also told her fans that she has been obsessed with working out and has had trouble with her eating. The scars Kelly posted online didn’t look like they were from three years ago, even though she said she had hurt herself before she got sick.

For three weeks, doctors had to monitor her because her ports got infected again. She had more seizures and rashes before she was released from the hospital. But when she went to the hospital for something else, her blood was checked. The result showed that her hemoglobin was normal and that she had been lying.

Kelly, on the other hand, said that the claims were false, sticking to her original explanation for why her blood count dropped and her claim that the doctors had a plan to hurt her. On her Instagram page, it says that she has Behcet’s disease, which is a rare disease that makes her blood vessels swell and makes her tired.

A leg problem first appeared in Ronahan in 2018 and quickly spread.

According to Ronahan, her blood condition was caused by MS and uterine fibroids, but she had no proof. In order to get rid of her fibroids, Kelly needed a hysterectomy.

People began to believe Kelly was lying in 2018. After no longer needing blood transfusions, her port was removed in April 2018.

After a month, Kelly noticed that her feet were swollen and she had blisters. Kelly picked at the blisters impulsively, which made them bigger. Despite her pain, the doctors refused to give her painkillers.

As 2018 went on, Kelly’s condition got worse. The scabs turned into much bigger wounds. A medical mystery was made more difficult when Ronahan developed seizures and blisters on her hands.

The wounds on her legs are getting worse, and doctors are worried about blood flow and nerve damage. She received mean comments on social media, which is bad for her mental health.

The photos she posted became more difficult to view as her condition worsened. Her fans heard that doctors believed she had an autoimmune disease. Her condition improved after skin grafts in 2019.

She posted that she had just finished her first walk a few months earlier in April 2019. Kelly put down:

The feeling of being trapped by my legs for so long was scary. Despite being sore today, I am thankful. I have been trapped for such a long time. My mind is trying to freak me out. “What if this is just a nightmare and I wake up with rotten legs?”

Kelly stopped using social media after her legs were cut off by doctors in May 2021.

Kelly said that a month after her ports were taken out, her feet were swollen and had blisters. It was said that she put poop in her wounds to make the blisters on her leg worse so that she could have it cut off.

The doctors couldn’t figure out why her legs were swelling, and she usually picked at her blisters to make them bigger. She said she was hurting and needed painkillers, but the doctors wouldn’t give them to her.

Many people thought she had Munchausen syndrome, which is a mental disorder in which a person fakes being sick or acts sick on purpose. The goal is to make themselves look sick so that people will care about them and pay attention to them.Kelly Ronahan lost legs In 2018, she had more seizures and got blisters on her hands, which made her condition worse. She wasn’t getting better, which was bad, and the doctors were worried about her circulation and nerve damage.

People started to dislike her, which made her feel bad about herself. But then, Kelly Ronahan’s Instagram feed was full of horrible pictures of her leg. She later said that she was given a skin graft in 2019 and was told she had an autoimmune disease.

Later, she wrote that she had finished her first walk, which gave people hope. But because she picked at her leg, she had to go back to the hospital and stay there for three days. Kelly later said that she couldn’t feel her ankles and legs, and the wounds wouldn’t heal.

In the end, she lost her leg in May 2021. By that time, she had already lost a toe. After Kelly lost her leg, she posted less on Instagram. She talked about getting prosthetics to help her, but there was no proof.

Fans thought that Kelly faked her condition to get more attention on social media.

Few, if any, people thought that Kelly made up the blood disorder that made her famous. Even the doctors who cared for her gave her blood transfusions every week, hoping to figure out why Kelly’s hemoglobin was going down.

“Every two weeks, I get three bags of blood, which means that every two weeks, three people save my life by giving me blood,” Ronahan told Global News. “[Without the transfusions], my organs would stop working, and I would die in a month or six weeks.”

Kelly was sent home from the hospital in July 2016 after doctors found out she was making up her seizures. But her fans didn’t hate her. Instead, they held blood drives in her name.

In 2017, Kelly’s health got worse. Her blood transfusion port got infected, and she talked about her struggles with eating disorders and self-harm. In April 2017, Kelly’s blood was drawn for several tests, and her hemoglobin count was found to be normal.

Because of the results and the questionable claim that Kelly hurt herself, some people thought she was making up an illness to get attention. After Ronahan’s blood condition went away for no apparent reason, the accusation became more popular.

Ronahan blamed uterine fibroids and MS for her blood problems. Behcet’s disease, which is rare and makes blood vessels swell, and anemia are also mentioned in her Instagram bio.

Kelly’s leg problems started after she got better from her blood condition. She thought it was because she had an unconfirmed hysterectomy to get rid of her troublesome uterine fibroids, but she couldn’t be sure.

Ronahan wouldn’t let her wounds heal, and she was accused of putting feces on them, which added to the idea that she made up her illnesses.


Ronahan is a young woman who has been in a hospital bed for a long time. She has been traumatized and has been there for a long time. Even though she has been blamed for making her illness worse, there is no proof of that. But then, a lot of people still worry about her health. She was doing well after her surgery, and her last post, in April 2021, was about making up for her inner beauty. There is no information about where Kelly is at the moment. But then, some platforms have talked about Kelly Ronahan’s death, which hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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Who is Kelly Ronahan?

She is a ballet dancer and trainer from Canada.

What happened to Kelly Ronahan?

In 2014, She suffered from an unknown illness.

Why did Kelly Ronahan undergo surgery?

She underwent surgery to amputate her legs after her wounds worsened.

What were the rumors surrounding Kelly Ronahan?

There were rumors that Kelly Ronahan deliberately inflicted suffering upon herself to gain popularity.

Where is Kelly Ronahan now?

Unfortunately, there is no information about her current whereabouts, as she has been inactive on Instagram since her surgery.

How did people learn about Kelly Ronahan’s story?

Her story became known to the public through TikTok.

Where did Kelly Ronahan study?

She attended Okanagan College in Canada.

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