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The Golden Life of Jaime Xie:’Bling Empire’ Most Fashionable Star & Daughter Of Billionaire 

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Let’s take a closer look at the unique journey of Jaime Xie Bling Empire star, a celebrity child, television personality, model, and social media star. We’re going to learn a lot about her Life in this article.
She is one of the names that shine brighter than others in the world of entertainment. Her profile is interesting, but there’s more to her story than meets the eye.
Jaime Xie is famous from “Bling Empire.” She’s widely known on TV, as a model, and on social media. She’s had good and challenging times.

In this article, we’ll cover all about Jaime Xie, including her life story, job, popularity, family, and net worth.

Bling Empire' Star Jaime Xie ageQuick Facts

Name Jaime Xie
Date of birth November 9, 1997
Place of birth San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States of America
Age 25 year (As of 2023)
Profession Child celebrity, model, social media star, television personality
Current residence USA
Nationality American- Chinese
Ethnicity Asian
Gender Female
Source of wealth Entrepreneur
Alma mater Stanford Online High School

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Qualification Graduation dropout
Sun sign Scorpio
Religion Christianity


Early Life of Jaime Xie’s

Jaime Xie from “Bling Empire” was born on November 7, 1997, in California, making her 25 now. She is famous in the country due to her father, Ken Xie. Her dad, Ken Xie, is a renowned billionaire businessman. She is Ken’s oldest daughter.

Even though she does not need to do anything to survive because of her wealthy family, she chooses to be active as a TV star and model and on social media. Many people wonder why she works when her dad can provide everything.

The motivation behind why Jaime Xie chooses to work despite her family’s wealth can be multifaceted. It may include personal fulfillment, her passion for her career, or wanting to build her own identity.

Additionally, Her father’s name is Ken Xie. He is an extremely rich person from America. Ken Xie is the billionaire founder and CEO of Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity company Fortinet.

He is the pioneer behind the American worldwide partnership Fortinet company. Specifically, in 1997, he established an American innovation organization. Where he was CEO of NetScreen.

Jaime Xie’s mother is from Taiwan. She met her father at the University of California.

In 2000, her father Ken Xie fostered the Fortinet with his brother Michael Xie. In 2004, Juniper Network procured the organization for $4 billion. In 2020, the estimated net worth of her father Ken was $4.2 billion.

Up to 2022, people are curious about Jaime Xie’s parents. Her father, Ken Xie, is private about his personal life and doesn’t often appear in public with his wife.

Ken Xie has been happily married for many years and has three kids. Jaime Xie is his oldest daughter. They have two sons Vincent Xie and Jonathan Xie. Her father is a dedicated family man.

Bling Empire' Star Jaime Xie 1


When she was in primary school, she started horseback riding and wanted to be a top rider. She traveled to the U.S. and won many contests.

However, when she was 17, she came first in a big U.S. horse competition. But at 20, she stopped competing and started working in fashion.

At 20, Xie attended her first fashion week. She picked the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles instead of Parsons School. After one year at the Fashion Institute, Xie began her own brand.

Because she was consistently focused on her personal brand. She made her own website, (Jaimexie.com).  She has a website, Jaimexie.com, and lots of Instagram followers.

Xie also has worked with many big brands like Tiffany & Co., Jimmy Choo, Farfetch, Luisaviaroma, Tom Ford Beauty, Selfridges, SSENSE, The Webster, Jimmy Choo, Guerlain, La PrairieSephora, and Valentino Beauty.

In 2021-2022 she also started on the  Netflix television series Bling Empire and became a famous star.

Bling Empire' Star Jaime Xie w

Physical appearance

Jaime Xie’s impressive physical appearance reflects her family’s beauty. She’s quite tall, standing about 5 feet and 5 inches, and about 53 kg weight.

She has a stunning body and good health. She is in great shape. Her hair is black, and she has brown eyes. She also habitually follows her diet plan.

Her overall look gives a sense of confidence, with which she seems to fit right in modeling. She dresses stylishly and looks confident, which fits well in Showbiz.

People often notice her because of her astonishing looks and the way she carries herself, making her a stunning figure in the world of entertainment. She is one of the most fashionable star among the others.

Height 5 ft 5 in
Weight 53 kg
Date of Birth November 9, 1997
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Eye Color Dark Brown

Net Worth of Jaime Xie

By 2023, Jaime Xie has about $50 million USD. She’s known partly because of her dad, which led her to be on the rich show ‘Bling Empire’. She earned both from her family’s wealth and her own work in fashion.

Her dad, Ken, has an impressive net worth of $4 billion (£3.2 billion). She uses her money on fancy clothes and earns from social media too. Jaime’s popular online and makes money there.

Bling Empire' Star Jaime Xie gight

Social Media Active Accounts

She also has a great YouTube channel. She posts content about her favorite brands of clothes, designer bags, vlogs, etc. She has around 100 thousand subscribers on her channel.

She earns an estimated $14.3k from her YouTube channel. This earning is just from views excluding advertisements. She also has a huge fan following on Instagram.

Amazing Facts about Jamie Xie

  • Jaime Xie starred in the Netflix series in 2021
  • Her birthplace was California, USA. But now she divides her time between San Francisco, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, and New York.
  • Currently, Xie is 25 years old.
  • Her nickname is Jaime while her birth name is Jaime Xie.
  • She is the daughter of a billionaire but she has her own Net Worth around $50 million.
  • She became famous from the Bling Empire.
  • She is also known as a Bling Empire Star.
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