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Russian Model & Instagram Star, Ivanka Peach Biography 

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Social media is full of famous people, but some are unique because they’re not just attractive but also have an air of mystery around them.

Ivanka Peach, a model and Instagram star from Russia falls into this category. Her exceptional beauty and the things she shares online have drawn a large number of followers. It took her a very short time to gain such popularity among her fans.

So her fans are curious to know more about her life and career. We are here with this purpose to provide our readers with all the information about her.

In this article, we’ll explore details about Ivanka Peach’s life, social media accounts, family, and more.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ivanka Peach
Birth Place Russia
Date of birth April 15, 2000
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality Russian
Profession Instagram Star,Model
Age 23 (As of 2023)

Who is Ivanka Peach?

Ivanka Peach is a famous model and social media influencer. She was born in Russia on April 15, 2000, so as of 2022, she’s 22 years old, and her zodiac sign is Aries.

Ivanka is known for her beautiful looks, charming smile, and attractive curvy body.

She has become popular in the modeling and social media world, especially on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where she connects with her fans.

Additionally, she provides exclusive adult content on websites like MYM, Fansly, and Onlyfans for her dedicated subscribers.

Family  ivanka peach career

Ivanka is a very private person and doesn’t share information about her family, like her brothers, sisters, or parents, on social media. This makes her online presence more mysterious, and fans are curious about her family background because she keeps it a secret.

We will update this section when any information regarding her family or siblings will be available.


Ivanka’s main Instagram account, “Ivankapeach,” is no longer accessible. But she still keeps her fans engaged through her second account, “Ivankapeach.mgr,” where she has over 82,000 followers and has posted 57 times as that of now.

On this account, she often shares attractive pictures of herself in bikinis and alluring poses, which captivate her followers. Additionally, she uses this platform to work with different brands for collaborations.


She also has an Onlyfans account where she shares exclusive content with her subscribers. In this platform, she entertains the audience with the adult content. Her followers really like her due to her captivating body curves and attractive poses.

Right now, she’s offering a big discount. Instead of the regular $12 per month, it’s only $6 per month. This way, she’s making her content more affordable for her fans.


Ivanka doesn’t use TikTok as much, but she has still gathered more than 6,000 followers and received 19,000 likes on her seven random videos, which often involve lip-syncing.

She’s considerate and provides links to her other social media accounts, like Twitter, Telegram, Fansly, and Onlyfans, so her TikTok followers can easily find her on these different platforms and stay connected with her.

Physical Appearance

Ivanka is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 55 kilograms. She has a curvy yet slim body, which adds to her overall attractiveness. Her brown eyes and brown hair enhance her charming personality.

Her body measurements are as follows:

Bust Size

36 Inches

Waist Size

28 Inches

Hip Size

38 Inches

Love Life

Ivanka keeps her love life private, and we don’t know if she’s in a relationship right now. Some news stories say she’s single and not seeing anyone.

Ivanka is very committed to her career, and she wants her fans to pay attention to her online work and her captivating presence rather than her personal relationships.

Net Worth

Ivanka Peach has earned a lot of money, with an estimated net worth of around $1 to 2 million. She made a lot of money from promoting brands, but her income comes from sharing special content on Fansly and Onlyfans is also very considerable to make her wealthy.

Little-Known Factsivanka peach personality

  • Ivanka Peach comes from Russia, and she doesn’t like having pets.

  • She has piercings on her belly and ears, which give her a bit of an edgy and elegant look.

  • On social media, Ivanka always uses the same username, “@ivankapeach,” for all her accounts except for her secondary Instagram.

  • She really enjoys traveling and exploring, especially in places she loves like Switzerland and Paris.

  • Staying healthy and fit is very important to Ivanka, and she carefully follows a balanced diet to maintain her well-being.

  • Ivanka has a large following on Instagram with over 82,000 followers and more than 22,000 on Twitter, showing that she’s quite popular on these platforms.

  • It might be surprising, but Ivanka doesn’t have any tattoos on her body.

  • Most of Ivanka’s income comes from her Fansly and Onlyfans accounts, where she shares exclusive content with her dedicated subscribers.


Ivanka Peach, a sensation on social media, has managed to create a special place for herself in the world of modeling and creating content.

Her exceptional beauty, mysterious image, and the appeal of her exclusive content have helped her gather a devoted group of followers and earn a significant amount of money.

While she keeps a certain level of secrecy, she continues to be a prominent figure in the online world.

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