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How Tall is Onlyjayus- Her Age, Career, Family, And Net Worth

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Only Jayus, better known as Isabella Avila. She was born on 12 April 1999 and is 24 years old as of 2023. She is a social media influencer if we move on to her career.

Her onlyjayus TikTok account has made her an internet celebrity on TikTok. Only Jayus use pronouns like they or them. As per the authorities, she discovered she was a lesbian in 2013.

In addition to providing factual and comical films, they also teach science and psychology. Almost 12 million followers also appreciate their inventive sketches. They created videos on YouTube before founding TikTok in 2016.

They were first uploaded on TikTok in February 2019. The first video they made went viral when they showed how they installed a microfiber ceiling in the trunk of their car.

In this article, we will look at everything about Onlyjayus’s age, How tall is Onlyjayus,  family, career, social media handle, net worth, and other interesting aspects of his life.



On April 12, 1999, Onlyjayus was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. She is 24 years old as of 2023 at the time of writing. Her parents, siblings, and other family members are all concerned. Onlyjayus has yet to share her educational journey. She is of mixed ethnicity.


Onlyjayus was raised in an American family and is a member of a large extended family. The relationship between Onlyjayus and her family members is very close. She loves spending time with them. As an American citizen, she grew up and was born in the country.

She is believed to have a businessman father and a homemaker mother. There is no valid name for her parents. As far as Onlyjayus’s family background, parents, siblings, and relatives are concerned, no additional information is available.

Onlyjayus do not yet disclose her family background and members. As we investigate Onlyjayus’ family background, we will inform you immediately if we find out anything.


According to sources, Onlyjayus publicly admitted her sexuality. Onlyjayus uses pronouns like they or them. Authorities report that she discovered she was a lesbian in 2013.


Only Jayus can be multi-talented and have an array of diverse interests. A massive number of fans have followed her on social media, and she has gained immense popularity during the past few years. She has been successful due to her unique talent and dedication, which are the keys to her success.

How Tall is Only Jayus

Only Jayus is approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 53 kilograms. Onlyjayus is a beautiful person with black hair and gorgeous dark brown eyes. Furthermore, she also has an attractive personality as well as an impressive physical appearance.

Regarding other details about the young star’s body measurements, there is little information about her chest, hip, waist,  measurements, shoe size, dress size, or any other information regarding her body measurements.

Onlyjayus Twitter

Onlyjayus is a Twitter influencer with a massive following. She is followed by millions of people on Twitter and various social media platforms, posting fragments of her life and career fame. Onlyjayus has attracted a lot of followers on Twitter in recent months.

Her Twitter account is active. Onlyjayus’ Twitter account has an enormous following, just like her other social media handles. Her Twitter account has millions of followers. As a highly active Twitter user, Onlyjayus often shares popular discussions and topics on the site. Onlyjayus is rapidly gaining more followers on Twitter.

Onlyjayus TikTok

Onejayus is a prominent Tiktoker, an attractive model, and an Instagram celebrity. She’s been in a lot of TikTok videos. Her looks, modeling postures, smile, fashion sense, and remarkable personality make her stand out.

Onlyjayus is one of the most talented girls on TikTok. On TikTok, she’s got a big following. She has amassed a substantial following from all over the world thanks to her TikTok videos.

Onlyjayus’s fame on TikTok helped her acquire fans for her lip-sync, dance, fashion, and comedy videos on TikTok and social media. She began sharing. Onlyjayus earned millions of followers after several of her videos went viral within a very short period, which helped her become one of the most popular stars on TikTok. Additionally, with her enormous fan base, Onlyjayus was recognized as one of America’s most famous TikTok stars.


In 2020, OnlyJayus received a YouTube Streamy Award nomination for “Learning & Education.” However, the award was presented to Mark Rober, who received the award.


Her relationship and personal life are very private. Her boyfriend and relationship have not been revealed. As a result, there needs to be more clarity regarding her past, exes, and romantic relationships. Her career may be her primary focus, and she’s probably single.

Controversies & Scandals


Onlyjayus is no stranger to controversy. More than one hundred people submitted petitions to Change.org to have the content creator banned from TikTok in 2021. The issue started after a screenshot of text messages went viral on social media.

She uses racial slurs and other unhealthy remarks. Onlyjayus was furious and asked the internet for a ban. In one of her past videos, she was called out for ridiculing the physically challenged. The video was later deleted. Onlyjayus ghosted a lot of black video creators on TikTok after contacting them for collaborations. Thousands of people signed the campaign on Change.org.

Social Media Handle

OnlyJayus uses social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. She has 10.1 Million followers on TikTok and 729 followers on Instagram. According to the bio on her social media pages, OnlyJayus has 510k subscribers on YouTube and 133k followers on Twitch.

Net Worth

According to estimates, approximately $1 million is the net worth of OnlyJayus. Sponsorships are their primary source of income. Their job is to promote brands’ products on social media, especially Instagram and Tiktok, as internet personalities with millions of followers.


With almost 20 million followers, they are impressive figures on Tiktok. In general, they have a very high engagement rate of 2.64%. As a result, they earn $10,381 to $17,301 from one sponsored post.

As far as Instagram is concerned, she has over one million followers. They average 7.69% engagement with 86k likes on average. According to our calculations, they are estimated to earn around $2,253-$3,750 from one sponsored post.

Additionally, they make a decent amount of money from YouTube as well. Though her channel gains over a hundred million views monthly, most of her subscribers come from YouTube Shorts. Hence, her payments are comparatively significantly lower. Based on our calculations, they can generate around $10,000 in monthly ad revenue.


Onlyjayus is how old?

As of the year 2023, Onlyjayus is 24 years old.

How tall is Onlyjayus?

It is estimated that Onlyjayus stands 6 feet two inches tall.

Onlyjayus has a degree in what field?

Onlyjayus is a computer science student.

Do you know what Onlyjayus’ real name is?

The real name of Onlyjayus is Isabella Avila, but she prefers to be called Onlyjayus.

What is the gender of Isabella Avila?

According to sources, Onlyjayus has admitted her sexual orientation publicly. Onlyjayus uses pronouns like they and them. Her lesbian identity was discovered in 2013, according to the legal system.

What is the estimated net worth of Isabella Avila?

It is estimated that Isabella has a net worth of between $6 and 7 million dollars.

From where does only Jayus come?

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, Onlyjayus was born in 1993.

Onlyjayus’ birthday is on what day?

Only Jaysus celebrates their birthday every year on April 12th, the day they were born.

Does Onlyjayus provide foster care?

In the past, Only Jayus was placed in foster care before he became famous.

How does Onlyjayus Netflix work?

There is only one podcast that Jayus hosts on Netflix called Know it All.


Here are all the facts and information about Onlyjayus. How tall is Onlyjayus, age, career, family, social media handle, and net worth above? There are several things you may need to explore.

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