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All About Biography of Music Industry Star Giveon

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Today, we’re going to explore the life of Giveon, who is a well-known personality. You might know him as a famous singer, but there’s a lot more to his story.

We’re going to go beyond the surface to learn about his background, personal life, family, and even how much money he’s earned.

We’ll trace his path from a talented young artist to the big music star he is today. So, stay with us, and let’s discover more about Giveon height of career!

To clear your doubts about the order of his biography, see the given table:

Name Giveon
Full Name Giveon Dezmann Evan
Birth Date and Place February 21, 1995, in Long Beach, California
Age 28 Years Old (As of 2023)
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Famous Song Genres R&B, Soul
Notable Works
  • Heartbreak Anniversary,
  • Like I Want You,
  • Chicago Freestyle (with Drake),
  • Stuck on You
Debut Album Take time
  • Grammy Award for Best R&B                          Performance (Nominee),
  • MTV Video Music Award for Best Song of the Summer
Official Website https://www.giveonofficial.com/
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Religion Christianity

Who is Giveon Dezmann Evan?

He was born on the 21st of February in 1995, in Long Beach, California, U.S. He is a rising star in the music industry. He has already made a significant impact in the world of R&B and soul music at a young age.

His deep, resonant voice and soulful lyrics have captivated audiences worldwide, earning him recognition and accolades in a relatively short span of time.

Early Life

We discussed the birth date and place earlier. Now, it’s time to discuss his early life. Giveon grew up in a family which consisted of his two brothers and mother. He had started realizing his singing talent at a young age. Giveon pursued his education in Long Beach, California.

He says that he thanks his mother for helping him and his brother avoid poverty and a useless life. His mother pressured him to fall in love with singing.

Moreover, if we talk about his next phase, he continued his passion for music and began his journey as a singer-songwriter at the Grammy Museum at the age of 18, where he fell in love with Frank Sinatra. We can say that it is because of her inspiring voice that can capture anyone’s heart.

Further, he was also impressed by the other singers during his journey. He was obsessed with 1960s jazz and wanted to recreate the old songs whatever he heard. He has since gained recognition and success in the music industry.Giveon Biography

Early Career

Giveon first gained attention with the release of his debut EP titled “Take Time” in 2020. This EP featured tracks like “Chicago” and “Favorite Mistake, ” showcasing his distinct baritone voice and emotional lyrics. It was absolutely the first step toward his success.

Breakthrough with “Heartbreak Anniversary”

One of Giveon’s biggest breakthrough moments came with the song “Heartbreak Anniversary,” which was also released in 2020. The song went viral on social media and streaming platforms, which brought widespread recognition for him.

Debut Album “When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time”

Giveon released his debut studio album titled “When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time” in 2020. The album featured a combination of tracks from his earlier EP “Take Time” and new songs. It proved to be a very lucrative step for him.


Giveon has collaborated with several notable artists in the music industry, including Drake on the song “Chicago Freestyle” and Justin Bieber on “Peaches.”

Awards and Nominations

As one of the most talented singers, he has received numerous awards throughout his career. He made awesome music that everyone loved and got nominated for cool awards like the Grammys and even the MTV Video Music Award for best summer song.

Continued Success

Giveon continued to release new music and was gaining recognition with the help of his eligible voice and style in the R&B and soul genres. The key to his success is not just his voice but also his hard work.Giveon height

Personal Life

Celebrities have their own lives, and we should not interfere. But celebrities’ personal lives are hard to be personal. It’s saying that Giveon is also in the relationship.

He dated the rapper Justine Syke in June 2020. They met at the party where they seemed lovely together. Namely, they have a strong bond. Once more, the public has seen them in Jamaica with their families.

But here the question is, were they really in a relationship, or is it just misinformation? They don’t properly date each other, but they were just seen together on many occasions and at different places, and they post their lives on social media with different heart captions. These are the reasons why the public considers it a relationship.

It may be a relationship, but it’s not officially announced. Currently, we can say that the Giveon is single and just focused on his career.

Giveon Age

Our loving singer, Giveon, is 28 years old as of 2023. Giveon’s age remains a well-kept secret when he graces us with his singing; his timeless appearance never fails to impress.

Giveon Height

This talented singer has a good physical appearance and is about 6 feet 3 inches (190cm) tall. Undoubtedly, he spends a bit of his life in his passion and creating his career.


As of August 2023, Giveon’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. The primary source of his income is his music career. He earns money as a renowned singer in the music industry by releasing original music on various streaming services.

Additionally, Giveon is compensated for collaborating with other musicians on their songs. He also performs live music at various events and receives fair compensation for his performances.

In addition to these revenue streams, he leads tours as part of his musical career, further contributing to his net worth.

Giveon’s Music List

We discussed earlier the music of the giveon but shortly. Now, I will make aware you of the Musics of Giveon. I hope that you will like it most. These are the following:

  • Untitled
  • When It’s All Said And Done
  • Take Time
  • Time
  • Fields
  • July 16th
  • Dec 11th
  • Get To You
  • Remind Me
  • World We Created
  • This Will Do
  • Let Me Go
  • Scarred
  • Another Heartbreak
  • Tryna Be
  • Unholy Matrimony
  • All To Me
  • Last Time
  • The Beach
  • At least We Tried
  • Vanish
  • Make You Mine
  • Favourite Mistake
  • Lie Again
  • Garden kisses
  • Still Your Best
  • Stuck On You
  • List Me
  • For Tonight
  • Like I Want You
  • Heartbreak Anniversary
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