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Galey Alix Age, Height, and Interesting Details of Her Life

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Galey Alix is a popular interior designer, finance executive, and CEO of Galey Alix Design firm. This company reveals her hard work, forthcoming designs, and home decor accessories. She is known for her impeccable taste and ability to transform most outdated spaces into beautiful functional living spaces.

Also, she is famous for her home remodeling show named ‘Home In a Heartbeat with Galey Alix.’ She loves to show her abilities in Architectural design and decorating beautiful homes.

Fans always keep an eye on her DIY videos associated with home decorations. Moreover, Galey is famous as the fiance of NFL player and TV star Dale Moss. His fiance comes into the Bachelorette show and has a heart-catching personality.

Well, Galey Alix’s age is controversial because people are confused about it, as she received so much appreciation from fans. Let’s talk about all the details of Galey Alix’s age, life, relationship, and net worth.

Early Life and Family

Galey Alix went to Parsons School of Design for early education. She was just 15 years old when she joined Columbia University, where she found her deep affection for interior design.

After that, she sharpens her skills through private projects as a freelancer. Galey completed her graduation degree from the Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

The designer has a strong relationship with her family members. Galey’s father is Nikolaus Gravenstein, a medical doctor specializing in anesthesia.

The mother is Galeyt Hoover, who is a housewife. Galey has three siblings: one sister and two brothers named Karling Gravenstein, Michel Gravenstein, and Nikolaus Lee Gravenstein.

Galey Alix Agegaley alix career

The popular American content creator, interior designer, and home renovation specialist Galey Alix is 30 years old. Galey Alix was born on 11th November 1993. Her birthplace is Florida, United States. Just at the age of 30, she is a professional financial analyst.

She is a shining star of interior design and home redecoration. Alix converted a horrible house into a flawless and well-modified functional living space. Galey gained significant attention as a much-loved HGTV designer. The public noticed her when she posted many videos on her TikTok account.


After completing graduation, Galey Alix began her career as an interior designer. Initially, she worked as a freelancer and then in many interior design-based firms in California. The experience of the firm led her to obtain valuable proficiency.

After some time, Galey Alix started her own firm named Galey Alix Design because she noticed that she must work in a solitary state, so she established her career from the beginning. Her firm is located in Los Angeles, California, and she provides creative work to her clients.

Furthermore, she continued to work as a Wall Street executive. She was very passionate about her interior design and DIY projects; even in her free time, Galey Alix purchases herself with work projects for friends and close relatives.

Galey was a hardworking person who always tried to enhance her skills and maintain a strong reputation with the firm. Fans love their social media appearances, such as on Instagram and TikTok, and anxiously wait for her upcoming home modification and design tip.

In addition, Galy Alix was just 30 years old when she made her first TV debut at HGTV, which is an American paid television channel. It was a golden opportunity for her to host the show’ Home In the Heartbeat.’ The first time, the show was released on 18th April 2023.

Galey and her team discuss home renovation in every episode of the show. They all work so hard and create eye-catching designs that boost the mode of families. She is a regional director at Goldman Sachs and earns money from social media accounts.galey alix

Physical Attributes

The 30-year-old Galey Alix looks very attractive with her slim and athletic body. She seems beautiful with her long, curly hair. Galey Alix’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches and weighs around 55 kg. Her blonde hair and white complexion made Galey more gorgeous.

Relationship Status

Galey Alix is not married yet, but she is in love with Dale Moss. Dale is an American football player and also a reality television personality.

At 27, she was engaged to Dale Mossa, and now the couple lives happily together. They share their sweet moments on social media platforms. Furthermore, he shared a post of their engagement on Instagram.

Galey Alix’s Net Worth

Galey earns a lot of money through her interior designing career and home renovation businesses. His major earning comes from her career as a regional director at Goldman Sachs.

She earns a lot of money from her home renovation and design TV show. According to sources, Galey Alix’s estimated net worth is $ 3 million.

Bottom line

Galey Alix is just 3 years old, and she is a very encouraging and hardworking hard working girl. She became successful and got recognition in the community. Galey has strong and long-lasting relationships with her fiance and family.

Determinedly, she crafted her career as an interior designer and Wall Street Executive. On the other hand, she became a rising star when she hosted a TV show. She is undoubtedly an absolute example of a multi-professional who is passionate about her career.

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