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Everything You Need To Know About Anime

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Intro: We’re all familiar with the term “Anime,” but not everyone knows what it means. Anime is a Japanese word that typically refers to animation originating in Japan. It’s become so popular in the United States that it has even surpassed Disney as the most-watched animated series. But if you’re new to anime, there are some things you should know before diving in headfirst! So keep reading to learn all about what makes this genre so unique and how to get started watching your favorite shows.

  1. What is anime, and what makes it so popular?

Anime is a term used to describe animation that originates in Japan. It’s typically made with traditional cell animation and hand-drawn characters. Anime can be released in different formats, including television shows, films, OVAs (Original Video Animation), and ONAs (original net animation). In addition, there are some animated series that have been adapted from Japanese manga. In Japan, anime is referred to as “Japanimation,” a variation of the English word animation.

  • Why watch anime?

The popularity of anime in the United States has been growing steadily since its introduction in the 1960s, when it became very popular with audiences in Europe and eventually crossed over into American culture. It’s become so popular that many creators produce anime-influenced animation, live-action shows, and movies. Anime is a hand-drawn or computer animation that features stylized artistic details, vibrant colours, unique characters, and sometimes experimental storytelling methods. Anime isn’t limited to only American audiences. There are anime series for every age group and interest type, though most of them skew a bit older.

  1. What are Anime genres:

Although it’s typically known for its unique style, arguably the most popular genre is fantasy, simply because of how vast and imaginative it can be. It allows the story to go beyond reality with unique plots, settings, characters, and powers that you’d never see in western cartoons! Fantasy anime often incorporates supernatural elements into their stories as well.

The next most popular genre is probably action, which often includes complex battles and fight scenes. It’s great for those who prefer their shows to have a lot of excitement! Some other genres include romance, tragedy, and suspense. And learning the language behind anime can be very entertaining since there are so many different types of speech used in these series: honorifics, verbal tics, dialects, and slang words.

  1. How to watch anime online?

Several popular services allow you to watch anime online. Many of these sites will even give you access to the latest episodes as they come out in Japan. The only downside is that since many shows air at such a strict schedule, you’ll need an Internet connection and enough time during the day to devote to watching (which can be difficult if you don’t have a DVR). New shows usually air on a once-per-week basis at a set time, usually in the evening or late-night hours.

  1. Torrent downloads:

When watching anime, you can choose to download it or watch it online. If you want to download your anime of choice, you can do so through torrents. Torrents are websites that allow users to exchange their files; anyone who downloads something off of a site like this is called a “seed.” Once more than one seed is available for a specific anime, you can use torrent clients like uTorrent or Transmission to download them. Visit u1337x.org to begin watching anime free and available in high quality.

  1. Stream online:

While downloading or subscribing to anime websites might be pricey, you can access world-class anime, all free of cost. Watch anime online at kissanime, a free website that provides you a library of anime dubbed and subbed, all for you to access. To go to the website, click on the desired anime/manga, choose your episode(s) of interest, select a server to watch from. In addition, you can watch high-quality anime right on your mobile phone.

  1. Netflix and other subscriptions:

You can subscribe and pay monthly to watch anime on the device of your choosing. Netflix offers curated anime titles which are well-known and bound to be popular. You only have to log into a Netflix account, check if the anime is available, and begin watching.

  1. Watching anime on DVD:

If you prefer watching shows in HD quality, buying DVDs from online retailers such as RightStuf or Amazon is a great way to start your collection. However, be aware that the quality of anime DVDs is typically much lower than more mainstream films. Still, they’re cheaper, and you can usually find popular series releasing new volumes every season!

If this is your first time watching an anime series, consider starting with one of these.

  • Naruto: This is a must-see for first-time watchers! It has action, humor, and romance all wrapped up in one epic show. However, if you’re unsure where to start, I’d recommend watching the Shippuden version as it’s less censored than the original series, and it stays more faithful to the manga.
  • Death Note: This is a show with psychological aspects and heavy dialogue, so it’s great for those who plan on watching more than one anime series. It has a way of drawing viewers in and keeping them on the edge of their seats until the very end.
  • Attack on Titan: Another must-see series that is both exciting and mysterious. It has multiple seasons available to watch, so don’t worry if you get hooked right away and want more.


anime is known for its great storyline, complex and relatable character arcs, and character flaws that are hard not to justify. High-definition anime are famous for their scenic beauty that the audience can perceive and come to love. You can begin watching anime for any reason, but you will be hooked all the same.

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