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Cozumel is the island on which the sun was born

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Cozumel is the island on which the sun was born



One of the most diverse and breathtaking nations within Latin America, Mexico boasts unbeatable natural beauty, diverse history, and delicious cuisine that make it ideal for visiting all year round.


Cozumel is an island in the Mexican Caribbean. Cozumel is located off the coast of northeast Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It’s directly across the ocean from Playa Del Carmen and about an hour and a half away from the Cancun airport.



Cozumel is located in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the second-largest coral reef system in the world); Cozumel is in the perfect location for crystal clear Caribbean waters and white sand beaches, as well as world-class diving and snorkeling. This is the Island Life!


Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean. Cozumel has situated approximately 15 km (10 miles) from the mainland of Riviera Maya. Cozumel can be done via ferry, plane, or on cruise. The ferry ride between Playa del Carmen to Cozumel takes around 40 minutes. However, it can take as long as an hour if you add the process of getting on and off the ferry.




  1. What To Do


There are several ways to travel to Cozumel and within the island. Some more prominent resorts in Cozumel might offer complimentary airport transportation, so make sure to check before you go.



Spend the Day at a Beach Club


The west coast of Cozumel offers stunning sparkling blue waters and a myriad of beautiful beaches. While visiting the island, there are numerous fantastic beach clubs, where guests can enjoy sandy beaches with swimming pools, restaurants with oceanfront views, beach bars, chaise lounges for sunbathing, water sports, and much more. They generally range between USD 10 and USD 65 for a person, with the more expensive options offering all-inclusive meals and drinks.


Go Diving


Cozumel is internationally renowned because of its excellent scuba diving and its proximity to many of the world’s famous dive sites. There are numerous top dive sites. Mesoamerican Reef System is the second-largest reef network globally (after the Great Barrier Reef). Great Barrier Reef) is home to extensive coral and sea life, with fantastic visibility. Cozumel has something for everyone, from beginner’s dives to advanced drift diving.


Visit The Wild East Side


The “wild” east side of Cozumel is well worth a trip. The west side of Cozumel is primarily beaches and cozumel hotels. The east part of Cozumel is a paradise of secluded beaches, which are also home to fantastic beaches and local bars. There are a few excellent spots to sit in the sun, relax, eat freshly prepared fish tacos, and go for a swim in the ocean, such as Chen Rio and Punta Morena; however, the main attraction of the east coast is the natural beauty of the entire area.



  1. Where To Eat



Cozumel Food – Top 5 Must Eats


Cozumel offers a variety of smoky tastes that will leave you wanting more. Our most delicious 12 must-eats in Cozumel and some of the most popular places to test the flavors.



Cochinita Pibil


A Yucatan favorite. Slowly roasted pork and hence the name Cochinita tiny porcine. It is served in tortas and tacos all over the island. We suggest trying either Torta de Cochinita Pibil or Taco de Cochinita Pibil.



Pescado Frito


Fried fish is one of the popular dishes from Mexico. It’s an easy and quick method to prepare a delicious dinner. There’s no better way to enjoy the fried fish! In Cozumel, the majority of people opt for grouper or red snapper. However, many other species of fish are excellent to fry. It’s all about the kind of fish you prefer.



Salbutes & Panuchos


Salbutes are delicious and delicious. Antojitos are small, thick tortillas with various toppings, including moles that are locally made of ground spice mix known as recados. The most sought-after topping is the shreds of cooked and cooked chicken.




Pozole can be described as a pot full of deliciousness! Pozole is a famous soup from Mexico. It is hominy, cooked with pork (or pork) and lightly spiced broth. It is served along with chopped cabbage, onions, and radishes. It is also filled with limes to add a garnish.




Baked or fried turnovers are made using pastry dough and filled with an endless variety of vegetables, meat, or fruits. Empanadas typically look like half-moons and range from small bites to large family-sized.



  1. When To Visit Cozumel



One of the benefits of living in the Caribbean is that you can take advantage of Cozumel and its warm tropical climate all year long. However, just like with all destinations, certain times of the year are best.



December and early June are ideal for traveling because they are outside the hurricanes (June until November). July and August are generally the hottest months.



The months of December through February are when the season is at its peak. Therefore, March through June is ideal for a picnic in the high season.



  1. How To Get There


Cozumel is located just 12 miles from the shores from Playa del Carmen, which is the nearest hopping point via ferry.



The most cost-effective way to get to Cozumel is by taking a flight through the Cancun International Airport. From there, take the 1 hour ADO bus ride to Playa del Carmen, and then take the 45 minutes Ultramar and Winjet ferry ride to Cozumel.


  1. Where To Stay



Grand Park Royal Cozumel has an award-winning interior design and architecture. It is regarded as one of the top resorts in Cozumel. The 5-star hotel is ideal for exploring this beautiful island and enjoying superb amenities, services, and other activities.



The vibrant Mayan-inspired ambiance at our All-Inclusive hotel at Cozumel is sure to inspire, while your private beach, which is surrounded by sparkling waters, will re-energize your soul. Relax in our event rooms or dip in our infinity pools that have ocean-view Jacuzzis, relax in our SPA, or sample our diverse menu of food. Your celebration or holiday with us at Grand Park Royal Cozumel will exceed your expectations! Make reservations directly on Grand Park Royal Cozumel’s official website.



  1. How To Get Around The Island Cozumel




There are many options for transportation that will meet your requirements. If you’re visiting for a day to see a cruise port stop, or you’re planning to spend longer in the islands, there are ways to get to where you’re required to go the moment you have to get there.



The Two-Wheeled Way


Like Mexican cities like Acapulco and Cancun, Most of the significant Cozumel streets are narrow and full of vehicles. Get out of the congestion and explore Cozumel via two-wheels by hiring a bicycle or scooter from a rental company like Sombrero Rentals. Consider renting the bike if you’re physically fit and manage the effort. It’s usually more affordable. Electric scooters are, however, can help you get there quicker. Some rental firms offer a variety of kinds of bikes, including beach cruisers that have baskets to mountain bikes that have bigger tires.



Taxi Time


Taxicabs travel the main streets of downtown Cozumel and can also be found in the outer areas of the island. Taxi rates are currently displayed at the central pickup locations such as the terminal, cruise ports, and downtown areas. Taxi prices are determined by the number of passengers and are divided into three categories: one to four persons or five to six people and six and eight. Be aware that you’re required to tip your driver.



Tie on Your Walking Shoes


If you’re in the downtown area or disembarking from one of the cruise terminals, be sure to wear walking shoes. Main streets have eateries and local shops that you can access by walking. The main tourist attractions, such as Dolphinaris Cozumel and Cozumel’s Museum of Cozumel, are close to downtown and easily accessible by walking.



Rent a Jeep


You can take the wheel of yourself. Hire a car rental service to get around. The most sought-after choice is a four-wheel-drive Jeep that allows you to lower the top off and let the breeze blow your hair while you travel through the island. Jeep rentals can vary from company to company. However, you can typically hire for a half-day or up to a few weeks. You can let someone else take the driving and take the Jeep or buggy tour with an established local business such as Jeep Tour Cozumel. The tours travel throughout the island to the most popular places, while others let you choose the places you’d like to explore.



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