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Why Hemp Seed Oil is More Affordable Than CBD Oil

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There is a common misconception that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are the same things. Many people wrongly believe that the two oils offer the same health benefits.

The confusion between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is an understandable one. Both are derived from hemp plants for starters, so it’s only logical to assume they have the same therapeutic properties.

In reality, though, hemp seed oil and CBD oil are very different both in terms of the way they are made and their effects on the body.

The differences between the two is often apparent in their pricing. Typically, hemp seed oil is more affordable than CBD oil.

But what are the other differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil, and why is there such a price difference?

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are both derived from hemp plants. However, while hemp seed oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds, CBD oil is found within the actual body of the plant.

Hemp seed oil is a relatively cheap product used for many purposes beyond just being a wellness supplement. For example, hemp seed oil is often used as a cooking oil and as an oil base in many cosmetics and beauty products.

CBD oil is derived from cannabidiol-rich hemp plants and is predominantly used for its health benefits. The CBD extract derived from hemp plants is mixed with a carrier oil to make CBD oils. Hemp seed oil is used in some cases, but other common carrier oils include coconut and olive oil.

Do Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil Offer Different Health Benefits?

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil have very different effects on the body. This is why some people detest brands that try to market their hemp seed oils as containing CBD.

CBD is just one of the hundreds of different cannabinoids found within hemp plants and is touted for having a long list of potential health benefits. Some of the most recognized benefits include helping to manage pain, reducing inflammation, and limiting the adverse effects of anxiety and stress on the body.

People also use CBD products to help manage chronic health conditions, including epilepsy, eczema, and insomnia. Hemp seed oil does not exactly have the same effect on the body and is not effective at treating such conditions.

This is not to say that hemp seed oil does not have health benefits. Hemp seed oil may be able to ease digestive problems. Hemp seed oil is also a really great source of plant-based protein. Additionally, it can be a great supplement to a healthy diet because it contains fatty acids and other bioactive compounds.

Why is Hemp Seed Oil More Affordable?



Given that CBD and hemp seed oil come from the same plant and both provide health benefits, many people wonder why their prices differ so drastically.

The simple answer is that it is easier to manufacture hemp seed oil. Just one ingredient is required to make hemp seed oil – hemp seeds.

This is not the case with CBD oils since a carrier oil is always required to make the final product consumable. Also, more careful extraction and filtration methods are needed to make high-quality and effective CBD oils.

Hemp seeds usually undergo cold-press extraction, similar when making olive oil. The end product is an edible oil often used in food and cosmetics. This process is much less complicated than the one required to make CBD oils.

Why is it Important to Know the Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil And CBD Oil?

Many retailers try to pass off their hemp seed oil as CBD oil or claim that the two products provide the same benefits.

The main reason for this is that hemp seed oil is cheaper to make. Therefore, it cannot be sold for the same high prices that CBD oils are retail for. Secondly, as the two products originate from the same plant, companies can easily use clever marketing to hide that they are not the same thing.


Carefully reading through the listed ingredients and the compounds of a tincture is the best way to determine whether it contains CBD or hemp seed oil. CBD oils should always list the cannabinoids they contain, whereas this is not the case with hemp seed oils.

Fortunately, many high-quality and trustworthy CBD brands exclusively sell CBD oil tinctures. These brands typically provide as much detail as possible about the products they sell, how they are made, and the ingredients.

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