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When is it Time to Increase Your Serving Size of CBD?

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CBD is in use worldwide, and it is associated with dealing with many problems like anxiety, stress, and muscle pain. A person may experience side effects of consuming it if CBD dosage is above a certain limit. So, it is important to get CBD oil dosage at the appropriate serving amount and increase it when required. In this article, we will guide you about the right dosage of CBD and when it is time to improve your dosage and how?

It is easy to measure CBD tincture dosage or CBD gummies dosage rather than CBD oil as we apply the oil topically. And it takes time to absorb in our body. Even if oral administration (i.e., ingestible such as capsules, coconut oil, candies, and other CBD edibles) also entails ingestion, it is a wholly distinct form of delivery.

Guidelines about Taking CBD Properly

  • Don’t change your time of taking your serving.
  • Stick to the same sort of product as you experiment with various doses.
  • Be regular when you take your CBD.
  • Attempt to measure your doses correctly and keep a record.
  • Keep in mind your body weight and your condition severity before taking your first dose.
  • Always start with a low CBD tincture dosage. (or you can try any other form)

Keep in Mind your Body Weight

A bodybuilder likely will require a greater amount of CBD than a person of average physique would. A bodybuilder weighing about 200 pounds would want to take 50 mg CBD for the occasional muscular discomfort, while a 100-pound individual with the same complaint would prefer to start with 10mg of CBD pills.

Always Start with a Small Amount

Effects of CBD from to person vary. Some get the required results with a very small amount. Some have to take more dosage for desired results. So, for beginners, as you are unaware of the body and its response towards CBD, start with a very small dosage of your gummies.

Look for the Effects of CBD

Depending on the product kind and your circumstances, observable benefits from CBD might take a few hours or a few days to experience, as the cannabinoids build up in your body. If you don’t experience instant improvements the first two or three times you attempt a given serving size, you may slightly increase your serving size.

Increase the Dose Step by Step

If your condition improves significantly with the current dosage, stick to that amount; however, if you are not getting the required results, consider adding a little more dose for the next turn.

Have CBD oil with an Empty Stomach

Try taking the serving on an empty stomach (and make a note as such!) to see if it makes a difference. This thing will show its effects more visibly, and then you can add or subtract the dosage accordingly.

If you are still unsure when to increase the CBD dosage, we urge you to raise your serving amount by another 25mg.


Idea CBD dosage depends upon a variety of factors. Keep in mind your body weight and symptom severity. Take a start at the lower end of the indicated serving size and increase after 2-3 servings of that serving size if you haven’t attained the desired benefits.


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