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What Makes PC Gaming Consistently So Popular Amongst Fans?

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In the history of video gaming, well before consoles hit the markets, computer gaming was already going about its business as a premier entertainment option for fans of all ages. Sure, it’s gone through the wringer in different stages of time, especially during the ’90s when gaming companies like Nintendo and Sony took over the gaming market, but PC gaming has always been able to hold its own. Nowadays, PC gaming has gone through a surge in popularity once again, with fans flocking to it like basketball fans do when the  March Madness predictions come along every year.

With eSports and online streaming becoming two of the main outlets for PC gaming to take back its place up in the rankings of preferred video gaming options, let’s take this time to talk about what exactly makes PC gaming be consistently so popular amongst gaming fans around the world.

Much More Game Options

If you look at the variety of games that consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo offer in comparison to what you can find for PC gaming, you’ll see that there is a huge difference between consoles and PCs, with computer gaming edging out its competition. The main reason for this it’s that, unlike console gaming producers that sometimes focus specifically on producing titles devoted to one kind of console alone, when it comes to PC gaming, the games are plentiful and easily accessible. For example, while there are console or mobile games that you can easily play on a PC or laptop when it comes to the other way around, it’s not the same. To play any of the top console-ridden gaming titles on a PC, players only need to have an emulator and be done with it, making PC gaming a much more affordable and enticing option for gamers all around.

Gamers in actuality are all about variety. While there are certain gaming titles and franchises that will always top the popularity lists all around, when given the chance to have a plethora of games to choose from at the touch of a button like with PC gaming, fans will always value variety over anything else. Games can be a lot of fun and engaging as well, but they can also grow boring fast, which is why having variety always trumps other factors.

Best Long Term Investment

One of the main talking points that console fans usually throw against PC gaming is the fact that to build up a proper gaming setup, you have to spend a hefty amount of money. And yes, it’s true, but what PC gamers have found is that the long-term investment value in setting up a customized gaming setup is much better than having to constantly buy newer versions of their preferred console. From an investment point of view, while buying a console can save you both money and the hassle of having to think about many key components that go into building the best gaming setup, when you think about the durability factor, PC gaming does not seem as expensive as before.

Investing money on a gaming PC can work out for gamers in various ways that don’t just necessarily involve gaming. Gaming PCs at the end of the day are functional computers that can be used for many other purposes like work or study-related affairs. But when sticking solemnly to gaming purposes, the fact that updating your PC is constantly becoming easier and easier thanks to all of the technological advances going on in the world, if you end up building the best-customized gaming setup for your liking, you could be looking at having a secured gaming platform for anywhere from 10 years onwards. In that same period, console gamers usually end up changing their consoles at least two or three times, if not more, so do the numbers and see what a good investment PC gaming is in the long run.

Pro PC Gamers Have Become Celebrities In Their Sort

Ever since eSports or professional gaming became the new “it” thing amongst mainstream entertainment, professional gamers, especially those who play PC games have become global celebrities in their sort. Thanks, mainly in part to how popular eSports tournaments have become, professional eSports athletes have amassed immense and loyal fan bases that follow their every move, especially when they’re showing off their gaming skills in PC gaming classics like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Special Ops, Fortnite and Dota 2.

Streaming platforms like Twitch have become the main go-to instrument for professional PC gamers to amass such loyal followings. With their gaming streaming sessions, where they share tips and strategies, as well as talk about the newest gaming trends and everything in between, pro gamers have been able to put PC gaming in the top spots of all gaming popularity rankings amongst fans, especially those of younger ages. While before mainstream sports fans were always receiving all the hype from fans, now pro gamers are catching up and gearing up to take over.

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