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What is a CSPO Certification?

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As the organizations started evolving with the new-age Agile ideologies, new Scrum roles emerged. Talking of the essential Scrum profiles, we cannot overlook the CSPO certification, which responsively and dynamically conveys customer and business needs directly to the development teams. However, the responsibilities of a product owner are extensive and require deep expertise.

Companies invest in robust assessments to understand the qualities and capabilities of aspiring product owners before hiring them. The best path to do so is through shortlisting Certified Scrum Product Owners. They already have established Scrum knowledge and mastered its implementation. So, they are the best candidates for their companies. Thus, becoming a CSPO can change your life.

Many of you might be new to CSPO certification and want to know its meaning. This article is for you! Simplilearn online bootcamp gives you all the information about the prestigious CSPO certification, from its importance to eligibility criteria and the required skills.

Let’s strengthen our knowledge base regarding the popular CSPO certification.

The Meaning of CSPO Certification

A CSPO certification will demonstrate to potential employers that you are dedicated to maximizing your team’s contribution and producing customer-satisfying products by leveraging your verified Scrum knowledge in the best way. The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) designation from Scrum Alliance attests to the holder’s proficiency with the commercial aspects of Scrum projects.

The preparation journey and learning for CSPO helps you in the following ways:

  • Learn about the values, tenets, and roles of Scrum in depth
  • Get to know what a product owner’s duties are
  • Participate in the massive Scrum community
  • Connect with professionals committed to ongoing Scrum training and development
  • You may produce products that satisfy client needs and industry standards by leading and implementing Scrum in the team.
  • The CSPO credential can unlock higher pay packages for you.

Prerequisites for CSPO Certification

The CSPO certification expects you to meet some prerequisites before taking the exams. Here is a list of the CSPO requirements for the certification that you must meet.

Scrum Knowledge

The knowledge of Scrum is mandatory before you schedule or take the CSPO exam. Your ability to use Scrum practices to ensure the project is successful is demonstrated through the CSPO test. The Scrum handbook is a great place to learn about Scrum when you target the specific certification exam.

The Scrum Handbook is a comprehensive and extensive manual created by the Scrum creators. One of the essential requirements for CSPO certification, the Scrum Handbook, explains all you need to know to perform CSPO duties.

Agile Manifesto

Given that Scrum is an Agile process, the Agile manifesto will offer you a thorough understanding of all of Scrum’s components. You have a deeper understanding of the Scrum processes as a result. However, regarding the requirements for CSPO certification, the Agile manifesto is not as crucial as the Scrum handbook. Consider rereading it to gain a deeper comprehension of the Scrum environment.


Fulfilling the above CSPO requirements is highly helpful before taking the exam. They will support you on your Scrum journey in a nutshell. They are not required, though.

In contrast, the two-day, 16-hour program is a requirement for the CSPO certification. Both online and in-person live sessions are available according to your convenience. After completing the two-day training workshop, you will become eligible for the CSPO certification. The price of training varies from nation to nation.


The CSPO certification has an expiration cycle. Only two years are allowed for the CSPO certification to be active before you must reapply. You can renew the credential by accumulating 20 PDUs over two years and paying a $100 renewal fee.

Skills Needed to Become a Certified Scrum Product Owner

You cannot get the CSPO certification without a comprehensive skill set. The exam tests your knowledge and verifies you have the following qualities. So, pay attention to what aspects you will get tested.


The product owner is a multifaceted character that often interacts with numerous significant organizational stakeholders.

You must have the ability to communicate with colleagues who have very diverse profiles, abilities, and personalities to avoid conflicts, settle them, and persuade and be understood.

Reading literature on these subjects is the best approach to improve your interpersonal, communication, and project management abilities.

An analytical mindset

Strong analytical skills are the other essential soft talent.

You will be inundated with information during your working day as a product owner. You must have the ability to order the items on the product backlog. In other terms, you’ll need to consider the dependencies between various objects and what should be done immediately and later.

This analytical mindset enables you to swiftly assess how new information may affect your timetable and your objectives.

Decision-making ability

Understanding how to examine a problem is insufficient. The position also requires quick and frequent decision-making. After all, being agile is all about doing that.

You will have to choose between dozens of options during a single sprint; some will be wise choices, and others won’t. In any case, the goal of agility is to reduce risks and the effects of poor decisions.

Conflict resolution

You should not be playing this game if you cannot manage conflict. We face a naturally conflict-ridden environment regarding product creation in particular. It is particularly true when individuals are competing for resources and engaging in politics, which they inevitably will. Therefore, the less you need to exacerbate the disagreement, the better you are at resolving it (see below).

You must have the fortitude and capacity to engage as a product owner when things get challenging. And remember that in most cases, confrontation is necessary to find a solution. To reduce the bad, you must work together and mediate the situation.


Becoming a CSPO can advance your career like no other certification. So, get prepared and jump into earning the credential if you wish to establish a handsome Scrum career in the future.

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