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What are progressive slots

What are progressive slots

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When you play in any online casino, the only thing you take care of is how to win the highest possible amount of real cash. Well, that’s not difficult if you land place stakes in progressive slots.

What is a progressive jackpot? How does it work? What are the best slots with a progressive jackpot? Keep reading this short guide to get these questions answered.

What are progressive slots?

Progressive slots are often called just “progressives”. This category is the most popular one among the available online slot machines to play online. The reason for its popularity is prosaic – extreme winnings every gambler can count on.

Progressives are special developments featuring jackpots that rise after every spinning round. Some developers focus on designing this kind of game, while others may just add the progressive jackpot feature to casual fruit machines.

The fact that the final prize is getting higher makes gambling quite engaging and entertaining. But how does this work in reality? How can the prize amount constantly grow up from stake to stake? Let’s figure this out with World Casino Expert.

How do they work?

The progressive jackpot is the prize that’s constantly rising during the gambling session. In point of fact, the speed with which it rises depends on the gamblers’ stakes. The core principle of the progressive jackpot is the contribution made by every gambler. Every participant places a certain amount and some percentage of that amount is transferred to the general prize. Usually, around 3-5% of your bet goes to fund the general pot.

The jackpot might be won by a single randomly chosen player. However, no one will be satisfied with a low amount that is why developers place the so-called “seed”. Seed refers to the minimum amount of money available in the jackpot pot. It may come from $500,000 or higher, everything depends on the slot. When this amount is reached, any player may count that the prize will go to his or her balance. However, this doesn’t mean this sum cannot increase. The jackpot will be handed randomly, so the mentioned amount is just a minimum sum. The progressive jackpot can make you a millionaire!

The most popular online progressive slots

Since this type is one of the most popular kinds of slots, almost all developers try to add the progressive jackpot feature to their projects. However, small studios find it quite difficult that’s why, even if available, their progressive jackpots aren’t very high.

Instead, you may try slots developed by some of the industry leaders such as Play ‘n GO, Microgaming, NetEnt, or IGT. Mega Fortune from IGT, for instance, is the most famous progressive slot on the market. Celebration of Wealth and Dr. Fortuno slots aren’t as popular because of lower jackpots but these are also nice options to try progressive slots gambling.

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