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Vizio V-Series 2023: The Best Budget TV Money Can Buy

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The Vizio V-Series is an affordable, entry-level 4K Smart TV that works with Dolby Vision, HRD10, and HDR10+. The 2023 V-Series has a lot to offer for what it costs. The V-Series has an easy-to-use remote and can be controlled by voice. But a few minor changes to its Smart TV platform, SmartCast, would go a long way toward making the whole experience better for users. Vizio’s line of Smart TVs for 2023 came out in the summer of 2022.

Unlike the 2021 model, it now works with VRR and AMD FreeSync, which helps keep input lag low for gaming. Vizio’s IQ Active Processor, which can boost some resolutions to 4K, is still in the latest V-Series model. Version 6.5 of the SmartCast platform adds Vizio’s streaming service, WatchFree+.

Hisense and TCL, two of Vizio’s biggest competitors, have been working on advanced displays with 8K resolution and mini-LED backlighting, so we know something must be coming. We are still determining when, though.

The company chose to release these high-end features more slowly. Vizio says it will keep selling the P-Series Elevate soundbar, the 65-inch and 75-inch P-Series Quantum TVs, and the 85-inch P-Series Quantum X TV until at least the end of 2022. So we’ll have to wait a bit longer while Vizio gets its ducks in a row.

The rest of Vizio’s lineup for 2023 can be found here.

Vizio’s 2023 V-Series picture quality

The latest version of the Vizio V-Series has a sharp picture and colors that are true to life. The contrast ratio on the screen is excellent, and the blacks are very dark.

The V-Series has a full array backlight but doesn’t have features like local dimming and a wide color gamut that high-end 4K TVs have. The TV doesn’t get bright enough to block the glare in a room with a lot of sunlight.

This TV is best seen straight on. The screen looks washed out when you stand to the side, giving it a narrow viewing angle.

But you can choose from several picture modes for watching sports, movies, or video games. You can also change the brightness, tint, sharpness, and color temperature.

Vizio’s “intelligent 4K upscaling” and “pixel tuning” are made possible by its IQ Active Processor.

People have said that the V-Series from last year had a picture quality like the TCL 4-Series. The Hisense U6H costs about the same.

Vizio 2023 M-Series 4K HDR TVs

Vizio’s M-Series soundbars and TVs have been popular with people who want mid-range specs for their entertainment, and for 2023, Vizio is adding a suite of new technologies to try to sweeten the deal. Due to the Quantum Color technology and Full Array LED performance, many of the M-Series TVs were known for having great colour response. Each new TV has a slightly different list of new features, and the 2023 lineup should have some updates that should really make the experience better.

We’ll talk more about each model below, but every TV except for the D-Series has new Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E compatibility. This is meant to make the built-in Vizio smart TV interface much faster and more stable. Each model also adds the ability to pair Bluetooth headphones for private viewing and more up-to-date sound options. Some models also have better LED performance, including better local dimming, better sustained brightness, Vizio’s usual great colour performance, and more.

Vizio 2023 soundbars

Vizio will also bring the rotating speaker design from its top-of-the-line Elevate soundbar to its more affordable M-Series soundbars in 2023. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility will still be a big focus. There is also a new all-in-one option that aims to improve sound quality in a nice way for people who prefer a simple way to get better sound.

The new M Elevate system from Vizio is a small surround-sound setup that comes in a box. It uses the soundbar as the hub for a 5.1.2 setup. Vizio will add its Adaptive Height Speakers to the M-Series when it comes out in 2023. (a patented technology that automatically adjusts the speaker’s directionality for more nuanced immersion). Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are now supported for better processing, and eARC compatibility makes it easier to talk to your TV.

Vizio’s new M-Series All-in-One 2.1 Soundbar is the last part of the package. It has Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for modern signal processing. This setup is meant to be an all-in-one option. It has two 3-inch subwoofers built in, which Vizio says will give it more bass than its older soundbars. So, you won’t get any satellite speakers or wireless subs, but if you want something more accessible and plug-and-play, this could be a good choice.

Vizio Smart Features & APPS

SmartCast, which Vizio TVs use, is a very simple platform with few apps and no app store. Instead, it depends on being able to cast apps from your smart device to it. Even though the platform is flexible and the number of app developers who support it has grown a lot, Vizio’s implementation could be better. Vizio’s SmartCast app, which lets you access to content and change settings, isn’t the fastest or most stable, and you can only cast some things.


SmartCast now has a home screen that looks more like other devices. There are apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and there are also links to content on Pluto TV, which is an online TV service. Apps aren’t installed on the TV, and there isn’t an app store. Instead, apps are links to web-based interfaces.

Vizio has made it easier to change settings from the TV itself. You don’t have to touch the SmartCast app at all to get the TV to work right, and the on-screen menus have all of the calibration settings. But we recommend using the app for more detailed calibration because it’s much easier to make many changes that way.


Vizio was one of the few brands that didn’t sell ads on their interface for a long time. But on the home page of the Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2021 and the Vizio V5 Series 2021, there are now suggestions for what to watch.

Vizio Apps Picture

There is no way to add more apps to your Vizio TV because it doesn’t have an app store. The apps that come with it cover many of the most popular services. But for some people, more might be needed, mainly if they use streaming services instead of traditional TV.


With the release of their 2021 TVs, which come with a new remote, Vizio finally added voice controls (see below). It’s less advanced than other brands, but you can still ask it to change inputs and open apps. You can’t ask it to search for specific content in apps, though.

REMOTE Vizio Smart TV Remote

The 2021 models from Vizio came with a new remote. It’s less full-featured than the last version because it doesn’t have a Numpad, but it still has shortcuts to popular streaming services. It’s not too big, but it’s effortless and doesn’t have backlighting.

REMOTE APP Vizio Smart TV Remote App

The app for the Vizio remote is excellent. It can do everything the remote can do, and in some apps, you can even use it to type text, which is rare. The app can also be used to control and change the TV’s settings, including the calibration of the TV. You can do this on the TV, but the interface is slow, so it’s usually faster to use the remote app to change the settings.


SmartCast is a more flexible platform, and it can sometimes be very slow. We’ve found a few bugs with the settings on the 2020 and 2021 models, which can sometimes be annoying. However, Vizio is good at putting out software updates, so hopefully, most of these problems will be fixed.

Conclusion on Vizio V-Series

The Vizio V-Series is a good choice for a guest bedroom or playroom because it has a good picture and accurate colors for an entry-level TV that supports 4K. It has less peak brightness or HDR performance than a mid-tier or high-end TV.

The TCL 4-Series is the most similar to the Vizio V-Series in terms of price and picture. The TCL 4-Series is a cheap 4K TV with a better user interface and more native streaming apps. It works with Google TV.

On the other hand, the V-Series supports more HDR formats, such as Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG). Only HDR10 works with the TCL 4-Series.

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