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Use GogoPDF To Unlock PDFs Safely

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Even though there are as many justifications to lock a PDF file as there are to create one, there are two major reasons to do so: to regulate who can obtain the file and who can modify it. How you lock a PDF depends on what you’d like to lock and why you have to lock it. You can seal a PDF to protect it from being stamped or replicated, as well as limit who can access it and email it to.

Unlocking a password-protected PDF file will allow the user to modify the document’s information, as password-protected PDF files can be difficult to access. Each time you would like to check the file, you must input the passcode first. The PDF unlock tool of GogoPDF is available for free online use, and with it, you can eliminate the password to save time.

What is GogoPDF?

A PDF unlock tool from GogoPDF can unlock PDF file and convert it into an editable document. It can also turn various document files into and from PDF format, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and photos. Users can take advantage of a variety of useful features provided by GogoPDF. It can also construct, modify, and scan PDF documents. The site has over 20 art tools designed to increase every user’s productivity when working with and handling documents. On top of that, this program allows you to edit, compress, split, repair, and merge PDF files, among other things.

PDF Unlock Tool of GogoPDF

You can eliminate the encryption from your PDF file using GogoPDF’s tool. Unlocking your PDF files would also be a great choice if you commonly forget the passcodes. Owner-locked files are also unlocked with GogoPDF’s unlocking tool, which removes access controls. Take note that a password is typically needed to copy, print, or alter the components of a PDF if it is owner-locked.

Unlocking a PDF File Procedure

Before you start using the tool, make sure you have a good connection to the internet. To unlock a PDF file, here are the steps you have to make. To begin, go to GogoPDF’s website and select “Unlock PDF” from the home page. Next, drag and drop or submit a PDF file from your computer or whatever device you have into the PDF Password Remover section. The password will be removed, and the server will start decrypting your file in particular.

Wait for a few minutes or seconds until the procedure is finished. When done, you can save your unlocked PDF file to your device or online storage like Cloud Storage or Dropbox. You can share it on any social media platform with the ones you trust well by sending them the file’s link. 

Other Features of GogoPDF

GogoPDF is a versatile SaaS tool that does not only useful in removing the encryption or password of a certain important PDF. It also has other tools that can serve you when you’re running out of time dealing with an unending pile of PDF documents. From PDF converter to merger and PDF reader to splitter, here are some of them!

1. Conversion Tool

Converting document files with GogoPDF is a fantastic option for everyone because it is free, quick, and easy. Files nowadays do not remain on being a word file or a PDF file. You’ll both be needing them in various formats and that’s why you must have a reliable converter that can be used immediately once you need it. The converter is straightforward to use and only takes a few minutes if you have internet service.

This site also offers a variety of options for converting various types of documents to PDF, such as word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, image files, and more. GogoPDF is a powerful tool that gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes to conversion. Aside from that, if you use this Converter, the transformed files are of the best standard and encompass the same data as the initial PDF.

2. Merge PDF

The Merge tool of GogoPDF allows users to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. Users can also reverse the arrangement in which the merged PDF files are displayed. Before merging documents, users can also incorporate new PDF files into a current file series. GogoPDF keeps the initial article’s content and structure intact.

3. PDF Reader

The PDF Reader of GogoPDF lets you read, rotate, and access PDF files right on your web page. Simply drag and drop the PDF file from your device into the toolbox and voila!  Use the appropriate tabs to rotate, renumber, or zoom your file once you’ve arrived there. By tapping the share button, you can immediately print the file or you can share it with your trusted colleagues via social media sites. For sharing and sending your unlocked PDF file, GogoPDF provides two options. You can either send the document via email or by copying a sharing URL and mailing it to the intended recipient.

4. Split PDF

It’s possible that the PDF you’re about to send will be rejected due to its large file size. It could be due to a stack of pages in your PDF that aren’t pertinent to your goal. GogoPDF is an excellent tool for splitting a large PDF file into single-page PDF documents or retrieving subpages to make a new PDF document. This webpage allows you to split, modify, and divide PDF files rapidly and effortlessly.

In A Nutshell

Technological developments have been reported enhancing the productivity of both office and school work. Within minutes, you can protect your document’s data from malware and virus while ensuring the stability of the file. A straightforward PDF password remover is one of GogoPDF’s great features, allowing you to turn locked PDF files into types that can be read and modified. All you have to do now is submit your file, and your PDF’s password will be taken away! Simply click download to get your copy of the unlocked document, save the PDF to your gadget, and you’re good to go.

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