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Types of tourism you never know

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Tourism can be defined in multiple ways; therefore there are many definitions of tourism. Tourism plays a different role in the lives of people. In some cases it is a part of the study, for others, it is a jib, and it is also a hobby. It is also becoming a huge business for economic purposes. Tourism is serving a great part of the economy of nations.  In simple words it can be defined as:

“Travelling to some place for the sake of seeking some specific goal or purpose other than the daily routine”

Types of tourism

Tourism can be classified on different bases; broadly it is divided into four classes. For example

  • Tourism on the base of nature
  • Tourism on the base of culture
  • Tourism on the basis of education
  • Tourism on the basis of hobbies

Tourism on the base of nature

Tourism on the base of nature is a type that is somewhat related to nature in one or another way. Tourism includes visiting natural areas to visit the beauty of nature, the creator is classified under the class of tourism of nature. You definitely love the “Secret Escapes Discount Code”.

It is further sub-classified into the type of nature that is visited during the tour

Botanical tour

The botanical tour is a tour that involves a visit to plants, trees, forests, etc. these visits can be for any purpose either a hobby or a part of the study, or interest. It can be done for the collection of plants for growing in our own nursery for some medicinal purpose.

Farm/Agricultural tour

It is a tour of agricultural areas. It is related to agricultural industries, this is usually set by the industries to keep eye on the crop production, and the percentage yield. This trip can also serve as a best for the purpose of change of environment, as watching and walking on greenery is the best source of refreshing mind. This trip is also designed by educational institutes for different purposes.

Mountain tour

This tour includes hiking the tall mountains as a hobby or for business purposes. For study purposes, it is a part of geography to measure the distance of the heightened mountain from the surface. Some people also do this for the purpose of record making.

Tourism on the base of culture

There are different cultures throughout the nations. To know about the culture of other nations is of great interest for some people, so they do visit other cultures to know about their traditions, festivals, customs, etc.

Tourism on the basis of education

Study trips, which are an integral part of education also come under the class of tourism. These are done for educational purposes, and also for the refreshment and recreation of students’ minds. It includes

  • Educational trip
  • Youth trip
  • Congress trip
  • Botanical trip
  • Agricultural trip
  • Cultural trip

Tourism on the basis of hobbies

Every person does have some sort of hobby in him/her. They fulfill their hobby in their leisure time. It gives them a sort of happiness and pleasure. Tourism and traveling are also increasingly becoming a hobby. People do visit different areas and regions as a part of their hobby. It serves as a change in their environment and replenishes their energies. It boosts their immunity and gets them back to work with greater power and energy.

It includes

  • Shopping
  • Hunting
  • Golf
  • Adventure
  • Rafting etc


Tourism is a huge terminology that covers a lot of fields. It is not only a hobby but also a business and part of education.

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