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Tips for Becoming an Expert on Universal Studios Parks, Resorts, and Experiences

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Universal Studios – this is a place that every movie and entertainment lover dreams of visiting and experiencing the ultimate fun in. Knowledge is power as a travel agent, and knowing all that Universal Studios parks, resorts, and experiences entail puts you a step ahead. Whether it’s assisting a family in planning their dream vacation or orchestrating an exciting trip for an adventure enthusiast, your input can indeed go a long way.

Universal Studios is a vast world, with locations all across the globe and attractions too numerous to name. It is not only useful but also crucial to be acquainted with these parks in detail. Some of your responsibilities include overseeing clients through the most congested areas of the park to ensure every client has the best time by suggesting the most appropriate time to visit.

Learn About the Universal Studios Experience

The first thing any Universal Studios travel agent should do is familiarize him/herself with all there is to do in the parks. Every Universal Studios park has its own specific themes and attractions that may differ from one another.

It goes without saying that it is immensely valuable to visit these attractions on your own. Go frequently to become familiar with the environment and how people move around, as well as which sights are not to be missed. This first-hand experience can be very beneficial when giving advice, which a printed guide or an internet site cannot offer.

The Essence of Tailor-Made Tours

This is where you can really show off your best as a travel agent; creating individual itineraries. To begin with, consider your clients and their needs – are they families with small children, newlyweds, or a company of friends who are fond of active vacations? Each group will have different priorities and interests.

For families, suggest those attractions that would interest children—rides and shows that children would find amusing. For the adventurous, recommend them to go for the high-risk ones such as the Incredible Hulk Coaster or the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. You should also recommend great eating places within the park that offer food items that suit their preference and health requirements.

Why a Universal Studios Travel Agent Should Always Stay Updated

The main principle of being an expert travel agent is being up to date. In general, Universal Studios parks continue to develop and new attractions and shows are constantly being added. To be up to date, read trade magazines, become active in online forums for the industry and take part in Universal Studios own training sessions for travel agents.

Also, learn about the operational issues of the parks, including the optimum time to visit particular areas, the expected working hours, and whether there are any planned closures that could potentially interfere with a visit. This information is useful when planning a visit and will assist you in avoiding issues such as long queues and closed tourist sites.


To become a Universal Studios travel agent is not an easy process, but with this job, it will be possible to significantly improve the experiences of your clients. Just remember, every single piece of advice you give your clients is a small move towards making their vacation a truly extraordinary one. Hence, keep on discovering, expanding your knowledge base and freely impart your knowledge to others.

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