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The ultimate guide to women’s wedding bands!

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 Selecting the right kind of wedding jewellery is vital. Ornaments associated with a wedding are plenty – we have to think about each function, the dresses for those functions, and purchase jewels specific to those. Not only this but also considering the free times in between events wherein we will have to adorn some ornament or the other is also important. Additionally, post-wedding shenanigans are also plenty and we would not want to fall short of those either. Among all of these, purchasing the wedding bands can arguably be considered the most important of all the others. This is because these bands are something a woman would have to wear for life.

Golden bands – Choosing an online store to buy gold rings is now the new norm. People prefer the option of exploring the various designs online as it is hassle-free. It is much easier to take into account the different opinions of people involved as we can send the links to the desired pieces to those in question. This process is not very conducive in person. Looking at rings online can also provide ease with regard to applying certain filters in terms of the choices of design or the price range. Different designs, makes, colors, and motifs can be looked at before narrowing down on THE ring.

Silver and diamonds – Straying away from the traditional gold, people are also using an online store to buy diamond rings as favored wedding bands. With an increasing demand in wearing silver rings studded with diamonds throughout one’s lifetime, the options that companies are coming up with in terms of rings are also astounding. For women who are lovers of both diamond and gold, striking fusion varieties of rings are also available to select from.

Designs that will keep you in awe – The brand has expertly come up with a myriad of designs that would suit the taste and style of traditional Indian women and also those who have been touched with a hint of the Western culture.

  • Checks in diamonds and gold – this casual yet simple design is a classic favorite
  • Double and triple-layered – for women with more western tastes in rings
  • Bows – a vintage bow gives a girly vibe that can be worn by women without a second thought
  • Leaves and flowers – a hollowed-out leaf embedded into the curve of the ring, or motifs on top of the ring, you can have your pick.
  • Rope designs – Add a rustic touch to your wedding band with this variation
  • Heart-shaped rings – the heritage design for a wedding ring

The options will never cease to amaze you. Rings are also available in gold, rose gold, and white gold bands to provide a unique look and feel to the ornament. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose heavier or lightweight designs to wear. Purchase the ring, get it delivered, and pay by cash on delivery. Moreover, in case the size does not fit or the design is not as you expected, you can always avail of the free exchange or return policy offered by the brand. No risks as you get ready for the next phase of your life! Happy shopping!

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