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The Top Online Pastimes At The Moment

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The world of entertainment, media and fun is now predominantly online, whether it’s streamed, accessed in the cloud or watched as short media clips on social media. Online entertainment is currently the leading form of pastime, and it is worth knowing what’s trending in this space.

Live sport Online

Everyone has their favorite sport and most (if not all of these) will now be found online. Whether it is a dedicated streaming sports channel or where private individuals and fans record and share live matches on their own social media, you will be able to find the sport you like to watch online. Determine exactly what sport it is that you’d like to watch and then simply look for a free online live sports stream that you can access on your phone or laptop.

Online casinos

Just as land-based casinos gained popularity and social acceptance, so too have the top online casinos, which have gained a widespread following as the tech and variety of games improves. The secret is to find an online casino platform that has the type of games you like. Whether that’s slots, table games and card games, they’re all available and incredibly easy to access, as long as you have the internet and sufficient data. Look for the games that you can play for free to learn the platform chosen and always play just for fun.

Short clips and social media

Many people now simply go online to watch short funny clips, or informative clips to learn a specific hobby or how to execute a specific task or job. The ease at which you can both post your own clips or watch others is amazing, and as such there is something for everyone. The short video clip has thus gained popularity and such a massive following to make it one of the top online pastimes of all time.

Learning a skill or hobby

Going online to learn a skill or hobby is one of the paramount things to do online at the moment. It was initially thought that this was a pandemic or lockdown phenomenon; however, the number of people going online to learn a new hobby or new technical skill has simply continued to increase. Be it a language, or how to change the coolant in your vehicle there is just so much to learn, and many have realized the use of the internet to develop and build new skills.


The ability of individuals to sell pretty much anything that they have access to, or the ability to do, makes selling on the online space one of the top things to do. Whether it’s selling vintage, gently worn clothing, collectors’ toys, or homemade arts and crafts such as candles and bath salts, more people than ever before now have something to sell online. 

Being online is a pastime in itself, but the activities described and mentioned above are those that have hit the top of all the online lists as the best pastimes online.

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