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The Most Interesting And Funny Websites You Should Know About!

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The Internet comprises an incredible number of sites users can always learn something new. It houses several treasurable sites that would always help you use your idle time. However, we often dedicate our time on common sites. You will always find a jewel concealed in the world of internet. Although some contents of these sites are blocked but, you can always unblocked all sites with the help of a VPN.

VeePN is a good instrument to help you unblock blocked websites and provides you limitless access to dark web, dark web app and google Fi. It is fascinating to know that VeePN comes with a free trial and trust my wordings when I say its premium version will be worth every of your penny.


The net is an extensive yet lovely abode to be. Several corners of it are yet to be unleashed. With our list of 12 most interesting sites, you’ll most definitely find a new way to pass your time interestingly.


Are you finding it tasking to search for a movie to watch? It often happens and most people end up re-watching old movies repeatedly. Don’t worry as we have an answer for you. Even though there are several streaming platforms on the net, yet ‘Agoodmovietowatch’ is a website to check out cool and interesting movies. With a vastly curated collection, you can handpick based on the preference that suits your need. The finest feature of the platform is that they preview movies that couldn’t make it to the limelight, but are fun to lookout. Undoubtedly, you’ll find much interesting movies on this website than anywhere on the web.


If storytelling is your favorite line of art, I bet you’ve missed out for a while. TheMoth stocks true-life stories tales created by founders. It also has an audio program that includes all the stories lines told across the world in phases. You surely don’t want to miss a second shot.

This Is My Website Now

Everyone likes to enjoy pleasurable events. If catching fun is your current goal, this is a suitable spot for you. This website has a pool of trivial games that you can enjoy on your phone browser. Operational for few minutes, ranging from ten or less time of usage, it’s a good site to visit during short breaks.


TheOnion website is a creator of humorous news coverage, yet, it is the greatest among its kinds. The Onion stirs a cohort of authors to convey even the hardest of news in the amusing way possible. It is a good source for finding interesting news. Do Check them out for yourself and give us a feedback.


For your best and newest GIFs, GIPHY houses lots of common and interesting GIFs. It is the leading library of GIFs, clips and stickers in the world. You can find animated reactions to share across your social media handles on this site.

I Waste So Much Time

IWSMT is an online platform that is aimed at engaging idle time. Its contents are short-sized and precise; it encompasses comical pictures surrounded with captions. It is a fun site to visit in order to while away time.


With Emphasis on peculiar, inexplicable and extra-ordinary things of the world, Oddee site takes on exclusive articles that differ from conventional contents on Buzz. Even if the presentation is comparable, the articles are relatively poles apart. Move-on from the old Buzz feeds and jump on Oddee.


If you’re looking for an educative platform to learn new things, ZergNet is a nice website to find great writings from great authors over the globe. The site concentration is predominantly on entertainment-like stuffs. You’ll surely find contents worthy of your time from this site.


With numerous tons of products only for men folks, uncrate have range of products including outmoded sleeves, bikes, and wears of different sorts. A very cool platform to shop before your next fling.


Even though several popular music streaming platforms are available to meet your listening pleasure, they majorly concentrate on widely-known musicians. Fogetify aids you to discover fresh artists with great musical talents. It is indeed a good platform to learn about new musical talents and songs.


Are you keen to explore new things? Akinator is a cryptic and mystical platform you probably don’t know about. simply think of any character in the global domain and, through a sequence of query, it will construe the name. Without a second thought, go take a glance at it.

This Person Does Not Exist

If you’re thrilled or hallucinating on the realness of the popular ‘Matrix’ movie and other Sci-fi interrelated movies, this site impersonates popular characters for your viewing pleasure. It changes characters with a click on the refresh button.


Each time you get your next break or idle minutes, you should consider visiting some or all of these online sites in replacement for your common and usual ones. Are you looking for a way to unblock some of the websites or conceal your online identity? Check out our recommended VPN app. If you feel intrigued by our list of interesting and fun websites, kindly invite your friends too and don’t forget to let us know your favorite parts in the comment section.

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