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The keys to the rapid growth of the poker app Pokerhub

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If there is one thing that online poker fans are grateful for, it is the appearance of new apps that allow them to enjoy all the excitement of this game wherever they are.

However, not all of them manage to meet the expectations of players who are increasingly demanding with the qualities that a good poker app should have. Thus, only a few enjoy the appreciation and respect of users. One of them is Pokerhub.

What makes Pokerhub different? What are the most valued aspects among its users? How has it become one of the fastest growing apps in the industry? Here are the keys to Pokerhub’s success.

Flexibility: play wherever and whenever you want

With Pokerhub, forget about going to the casino or any other environment to enjoy a poker game. You simply need a mobile device or a PC – yes, the Pokerhub app can be installed on a computer – and an internet connection.

In addition to this added convenience, we should add an advantage that often goes unnoticed: you will save a lot of money on travel.


As we mentioned in the previous point, with Pokerhub you can play from any device and operating system: iOS or Android. In addition, you can download the desktop software to play from Windows.

The option of playing from the computer, despite the importance it has for a large majority of users, is not taken into account by some apps. In Pokerhub they know that playing from the computer allows to extend, even more, the action in the MTT format, as well as to combine the game in the app with other applications or software.

Access to poker clubs

The Pokerhub app is based on the club system. A poker club, in the online world, is a virtual space where a group of players congregate to play a poker game or a tournament.

To access one of these private clubs, you have to know the ID of each club, a kind of password that allows you to enter. In general, these IDs are provided by the app’s own support or you can even find them on the Internet.

In the case of users who already have a club and want to integrate it into Pokerhub, they will find how to do it, since this app offers the best platform for you to add your private poker club.

But what if I told you that on Pokerhub you can create your own club? Without ignoring the significant advantages that come with joining a private club of some renown – such as high traffic, action-packed tables and opponents from all over the world – setting up your own club is definitely an experience you should try.

Become the manager of your own poker club and invite whoever you want to play with you. Family, friends… you decide! Building your own community of players and organizing your own MTTs is easy with Pokerhub.

Exciting tournaments

In addition to the most popular poker games, such as Texas Hold’em No Limit, Pokerhub organizes exciting tournaments, such as MTTs.

If you are not yet familiar with multi-table tournaments, we encourage you to discover them on Pokerhub. While it is true that this type of tournament is recommended for players who have acquired a certain level in poker, you can’t miss the experience.

At Pokerhub, multi-table tournaments are a very popular option among users. Fun, dynamic and action-packed, they are one of the main reasons why many players have switched to online poker.

Not only will you have a great time, but you will also increase your chances of increasing your winnings.


Pokerhub opens the door to users from more than 100 countries around the world. This translates into games integrated by all types of players, from fishes to sharks, although the former are the most abundant at the tables of the app.

Therefore, if you are not yet very experienced in poker, taking your first steps with Pokerhub will allow you to: learn at your own pace, improve your game and perfect your poker strategies.

Efficient software

The game offer is very important in a poker app. Providing a good variety of games, having a high traffic and ensuring the security of users are important pillars for an app to work.

However, without an efficient software that allows users to play comfortably, the other aspects are meaningless.

Pokerhub was clear from the beginning: to offer the best poker experience to its users. Therefore, they put all their efforts in the design of a practical and efficient software. In Pokerhub, you can enjoy an interface characterized by its intuitive design, speed and modernity.

Secure environment

The Gaming Labs seal of approval proves compliance with industry standards. Since 2022, Pokerhub has the Gaming Labs security certificate, an essential requirement for a poker app.

What does this seal mean? Generally speaking, a Gaming Labs Certificate guarantees that the platform is secure and that player data is handled properly. Pokerhub has passed GLI test which proves that the app algorithm in random, no backdoors.

In addition, Pokerhub takes the issue of fair play very seriously, taking care to maintain an atmosphere free of suspicious behavior or scams.

Thus, we could conclude that Pokerhub is the best place to connect with other players, have fun and play in a safe environment.

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