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The Benefits of Dental Implants: A Comprehensive Guide for Basking Ridge Residents

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Few things make people as comfortable as a confident smile. Conversely, missing or damaged teeth can cause a person to become self-conscious, even shy. 

Missing teeth also affect your physical health with a ripple effect of complications that impact your overall quality of life. Whitening and orthodontics can only go so far.

Dental implants offer several advantages over other tooth replacement options. In this piece, we’ll go over all the benefits and why you should look for dental implants in Basking Ridge or “dental implants near me”.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts inserted into a person’s jawbone. Once fully integrated into the jaw, this rod serves as an artificial root for a new tooth. Implants can be used to replace individual teeth or multiple teeth at once. They look and feel like natural teeth and are more stable and supportive than dentures. 

Implant-supported tooth replacements offer several benefits for anyone who has lost or damaged teeth thanks to injury, decay, or illness.

Healthier and More Confident Smile

One of dental implants’ biggest benefits is also the easiest to see: they look and feel just like natural teeth. Your dentist will work with you to create implants that perfectly fill in the gaps and match your teeth’s natural color. After getting implants you’ll be able to eat, speak, and smile fully and confidently.

Protect and Maintain Bone Density

Your jawbone needs connections with your teeth to maintain its bone density. When you lose a tooth, the underlying bone in the jaw starts to deteriorate. Losing bone density in your jaw leads to further tooth instability and even changes to your overall facial structure. 

Dental implants prevent this by anchoring directly to the jaw, providing the stimulation needed to maintain healthy bone growth and density.

Protect Your Other Teeth and Gums

When you have a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth will often shift alignment, opening further gaps in your mouth. Food can easily become trapped in these new spaces and quickly cause tooth decay and gum disease. The stress of misalignment can damage teeth, leading to further decay.

Implants keep the remaining teeth aligned, preventing the buildup of food particles and ensuring there’s no extra stress or wear.

Long Life and Easy Care

Implants are made from extremely durable materials like titanium or zirconia. With proper care and regular checkups, they’ll last literally a lifetime. Implants also don’t require extra devices or materials to care for them. Just brush and floss like your regular teeth.

Other dental care options such as dentures and bridges require specialized cleaning solutions, flossers, and cases and need regular adjustments or replacement.

Easier Eating and Speaking

Missing teeth negatively impact how clearly you can speak and pronounce certain words. Missing teeth also reduce your bite strength and make eating uncomfortable and painful. 

Bridges and dentures can’t fully address this issue because they sit on top of the gum and aren’t fully anchored in place. Implants, however, are held securely in the jaw so they don’t shift and help you bite with the same amount of force as before.

Find Dental Implants Near You

While dental implants aren’t necessarily right for every patient, you should consider dental implants if for any tooth replacement. If you need dental implants speak with a dentist near you today to learn if implants are right.

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