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Jack Nicholson’s Secret Daughter Tessa Gourin Net Worth & Much More

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All of us are well familiar with Stranger’s Arms actress Tessa Gourin. She is an American actress, entertainer, model, ceramic artist,  media face, television personality,  social media Influencer, and celebrity family Member. But a lot of us were unaware of her father until she spoke out about it.

Tessa Gourin’s father, Jack Nicholson, is a notable American entertainer and filmmaker. In this article, we will cover all about Tessa Gourin Net Worth, Childhood,  family, and relationship with her famous dad Jack Nicholson.

Tessa Gourin’s Net Worth

The American actress has earned good money from her acting career and also made money from her ceramic brand, mushroom by Tessa. She made her name with her struggle and skills.

She has an official website for her brand and she collaborates with many popular brands.  Tessa Gourin net worth is supposed to be $ 1.5 million. She has worked with various notable organizations. Currently, her main income source is her expert candle brand.

Networth       $1.5 million
Real name

Tessa Gourin.

Date of birth

August 15, 1994

Place of birth

New York City, United States


    28 year old

Zodiac sign           Leo
Qualification     Graduation
Weight         55 kg
Height           5′ 8″

Actress, Ceramic Artist, Television Personality, Celebrity Family Member, Social Media Influencer, Media Face, and Entrepreneur

Jack Nicholson Daughter Tessa Gourin Net WorthHow Was Tessa Gourin Childhood?

Tessa Gourin was born on August 15, 1994, in New York City, USA. She is 28 years old. The actress revealed her childhood in the latest interviews.

Her mother and aunt brought her up. Her mother mentioned to her that this famous person, Jack Nicholson, is her father. But she has never met her.

At an early age, she was obsessed with the musical Annie. Her aunt sewed a red costume for that and her mother bought a curly wig for her character.

Her mother was not in favor of her acting skills. She didn’t allow her to perform when she was young. Her dad was also from the same industry.

At her young age, she knew that her father was powerful so she assumed her life was like Orphan Annie’s.” She mostly features assemblies with her dad.

Tessa Gourin started her acting career as a young child by performing in school plays and local theaters.

Tessa Gourin’s mom, Jennine Gourin, is a New York-based real estate broker. She made her name through selling and re-selling multiple high-priced apartments.

Tessa Gourin’s family and siblings

There are a total of six children, including Tessa that Jack Nicholson has. He has been more open about his ties with the other kids.Tessa Gourin FatherHis daughter Lorraine Nicholson is also an actress, and his son Raymond Nicholson followed his father by becoming an actor. While Jack Nicholson, 85, has welcomed six kids over the years with various women.

Tessa Gourin is the daughter of famous actor Jack Nicholson and Jennie Marie Gourin. Her siblings are Honey Hollman, Caleb Goddard, Jennifer Nicholson,  Lorraine Nicholson and Ray Nicholson. Nicholson had multiple girlfriends but he  was married to former actress Sandra Knight.

Father Jack Nicholson
Mother Jennie Marie Guerin
sister Honey Hollman, Caleb Goddard, Jennifer Nicholson, Lorraine Nicholson
Brother Ray Nicholson

Tessa Gourin, Relationship With Father Jack Nicholson’s

She is also known as the illegitimate child of Jack Nicholson, according to IMDb.He is a famous American actor. According to Wikipedia, the real name of Jack Nicholson is John Joseph Nicholson.

His daughter Tessa Gourin is also known as an illegitimate child. Her Instagram account has 12.6k followers. Being the daughter of a famous American actor, Nicholson, she decided to work in the industry and she earned huge fame in the acting industry.

Tessa Gourin ‘s estranged father, Jack Nicholson, has never publicly announced that Gourin is his daughter, but according to The Daily Beast, it is considered “an open secret” in Hollywood. Tessa Gourin said in an interview that,

“From a very young age, my mother told me not to tell anyone that I have this famous dad,” she said ,“I was raised by a single mother in a really intense  situation,”

“So many people have been forced to live with the pain of a parent’s absence, famous or not. But it makes it that much harder when that absent parent is actively in the lives of their other children, which is the case for me.”


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Tessa Gourin’s Boyfriend, is she dating someone?

Tessa is an open-minded lady. Tessa enjoys being with her companions and colleagues, as seen by her effective entertainment postings. She shared some photographs with her buddies via virtual entertainment.

Tessa shares nothing about her current relationship status. Gourin is supposed to be involved with somebody critical in her life.Jack Nicholson Daughter Tessa Gourin

Amazing facts about Tessa

  • Nicholson’s daughter Tessa was born in 1990.
  • Nicholson reportedly visited Gourin in the hospital and covered her medical bills despite not being present at the delivery.
  • She is an intelligent ceramic artist and runs an online business
  • She stands at a height of  5 feet 8 inches.
  • Her weight is 55 kg.
  • She posts her amazing routine on Instgram.
  • She is famous for Stranger’s Arms (2018), and Stage Play (2021).
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