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Steven Assanti ” My 600lb Life” Bio, Early Life, Personal Life, Net Worth

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Steven is a reality tv star who famous for his participation in TLC’s My 600lb Life. When his My 600lb Life was filmed, he had weighed more than 730lb in which participants went into a strong fitness regime. Steven Assanti was born on 2nd December 1981 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Steven is an American national and well known as “ MY 600lb Life.”

We are not sure what happened to Steven Assanti. However, after leaving the “ My 600lb Life” show, he continued to lose weight and remained truthful to his promise to leave the life he had before. He found Stephanie Sanger and marry her, who is a licensed massage therapist.

Is he dead?

Steven Assanti body
Steven Assanti body

Some rumors said Steven has died because he has not appeared on tv in the past few years.  But it’s not true; he is alive but did not appear on tv because he did not get more weight.  He went into gastric bypass surgery and now taking care of his health.

Early Life

Steven Assanti spent his early childhood in Rhode Island and then moved to Texas along with his family.  We don’t have much knowledge about his family but just know that Justin Assanti is his brother.  His parents have been separated because his mother was alcoholic and father raised them as singer parent.

Steven developed the habit of eating and more eating in high school. After high school, he went to college and completed his degree there. Steven Assanti gained the attention in the DR.Phil show when he appeared in 2007.

In this show, they talked about losing weight and getting life back to normal. Moreover, he also talked about the goal of becoming an actor. After three years, no progress was seen, and then he made a video plea to appear in “ The Biggest Loser” show, but this request was rejected.

After that, TLC approached him and asked to appear in their “ MY 600lb life” show. At this time, he weighed more than 730lb, and his leg was infected.  After this show his condition worse and he gained more weight.  He and his brother decided to get the best doctor who was Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. The surgeon helped these two brothers, and Steven went to gastric bypass surgery.

My 600lb Life Show

Steven Assanti
Steven Assanti

My 600lb Life Show is a reality tv series that aired on the TLC channel in 2012. Every episode follows a single person who is obese and shows one year of life. He tried to lose weight during this one year of his life.

Firstly, he tried to lower the weight by diets and exercises and then go for gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy. This show has a special part named “Where are they Now?” that shows the results of previous patients who managed weight loss and started living a healthy life.

Personal life

Steven does not like o share his personal life and never talked about his present and past affairs.  However, people say that he had not much luck with girls because of weight.

After all, Steven married Stephanie Sanger, who is a massage therapist.  She uploaded a picture o facebook with him and captions that “ it’s a nice day for a white wedding.”

 Being Rude to the hospital staff


It’s a very awkward moment when you rude to someone who only tries to help you.  He was in the hospital while producing “My 600lb Life” and became so aggressive and rude towards hospital staff. The reason was that he wanted to order pizza, and the staff would not allow him. The scene ended when the staff kicked Steven out due to this behavior.

Steven Assanti’s Net Worth

People ask how he does earn. According to some sources, the current net worth Steven is more than $10,000. He is not so active on social media; however, he launched his youtube account, and its title was  Steven Assanti Official.”

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