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Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Effective Real Estate Postcards

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For sure, real estate postcards are essential marketing tools, helpful in promoting open houses, generating new leads, building your brand, and creating relationships with potential buyers. The use of postcards in real estate cannot be underestimated. For years, many real estate agents have used real estate postcards successfully. Creating your real estate postcard should not be an uphill task.

Real estate postcards can leave a lasting impression if well designed. Here are chronological steps in creating great real estate postcards or you could visit the site to learn more:

Step 1- Choose Your Postcard Design

Think of a design that you’d like to see on the postcard’s layout, and then align the design with this design in the postcard. To develop a format for your real estate postcards, refer to a template of your choice. The pre-formatted template can guide you in creating a specific design for any of your postcards before you can finally make the final copy.

Step 2- Replace The Templates Existing Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. The importance of images in creating an effective real estate postcard cannot be understated. You, therefore, want to make sure that your postcards use appropriate images that provide clear information at one look, hence can attract potential clients. 

So, first and foremost, you will want to upload the photos of the property you intend to use. Next, select the picture on the template you are using and exchange it with your chosen image. Lastly, go on the menu in the image manager to upload any photo of your choice that you want to appear in your final postcard. You will notice the images are in the form of thumbnails, which you can then swap with current images.

Step 3- Edit Existing Text

Your template already contains the existing text. You, therefore, should double-click on the text and then start typing the information that you want to appear in your real estate postcard. You can change the spacing font type, font size, text color, among others.

Step 4- Change The Background Colors

You will want your postcard color to reflect the message you want to pass. Thankfully, there are many options for you. You can alter the background color by clicking on the text properties on your computer. You will then receive a click on the color swap to choose a color from the existing palette.

Step 5- Save Your Postcard

You’re almost done! Are you happy with the results so far? If the answer is yes, save your work-this is the first part of your postcard. You can save in PDF format as this is most preferred for the highest printing quality. You might need this design for future reference; therefore, save it.

Step 6- Repeat The Same Steps for The Back of the Postcard

For the back of the postcard, repeats step 1 to 5. Typically, the information at the back of the postcard is the same as the information on the front. Therefore, there’s no back or front when your postcard is ready.

Have You Designed Your Real Postcards Yet?

A well-designed postcard is a step in the right direction for the real estate world. Therefore, you need to follow the proper steps to have an effective real estate postcard.

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