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Shipping Container Delivery And Shipping Options

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When you invest in a Container One shipping container, we believe you should know exactly what you’re paying for – not just the physical product, but the entire experience. We value your business and know you could have chosen to go elsewhere. And because we appreciate you putting your trust in us, we want to treat you right during the entire sales and delivery process. That means being transparent when it comes to delivery options and pricing.


Typically, it does not affect pricing. There is an abundance of caution taken before scheduling a delivery, including back and forth communication with the customer and watching weather forecasts to do our best to avoid delivering in poor conditions. Our customers, and Container One, don’t want the delivery driver to get stuck on, or negatively impact, a customer’s property. So, we do our research to pinpoint the most ideal date and time to deliver. We also ask our customers to call us in advance of their delivery if the weather may cause a problem.

Ground-Level Delivery: The container is carried on a truck in this procedure. Without using any equipment, your container is set down to the spot. The winch on the truck is lowered down to place the first end of the container onto the ground and the truck is pulled forward. Later, with the help of winch, shipping container is placed successfully on the ground.

During the whole procedure, one thing is major that you need a total length of the truck along with the space for the truck to get out of the place. Remember, you cannot turn the truck at all. Thus, for a 20’ container you need 110′ area and for 40’ container, 130′ area is required. Also, make sure the ground is ideally flat and firm.

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Hiab Crane Delivery: As the name suggests, this procedure makes use of a Hiab crane, which is an equipped vehicle used to lift and deliver shipping container. With a single crane arm, this vehicle is ideal for carrying empty containers. Although they are more costly than a simple truck, yet they are affordable when compared to hiring a crane just to lift and place your containers. Generally, this method is used when containers are to be delivered over obstructions such as fences.

Flatbed Delivery: Being one of the most common methods for container delivery, it makes use of a forklift or crane. It is an inexpensive way to carry your container on a flat bed trailer. For loading and unloading, a forklift is used and a single trailer can either carry one 40′ container or two 20′ containers.

So, next time you plan to buy a container make sure to talk to the company or individual selling you the container for what all delivery options they offer. You can follow their advice and you can select a delivery option that suits your budget and time the most!

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