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Share Your Documents Professionally with This Fancy Trick!

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Together with the creative and innovative minds of our countless predecessors, communicating and sharing files with other people are possible today. This feature of the internet has various applications not only in school but also in the professional world. It is now ubiquitous to the point that it became essential amidst the situation presently. After all, it enables people to work flexibly and conveniently. 

People can now do their work from their homes with better control of their pace. The help they can get from various tools online is also there to ease their lives. One thing that might be inevitable in this setting is the necessity to send word documents online. Don’t just pass it off as it is, without doing some trick to make your document seem more professional. Check this out!

Convert your Word to PDF

The fancy trick that you’ll find great is Word to PDF conversion. Wait a minute! Hear us out first why doing this can make your PDFs seem well-made and thought of. For a little introduction, let’s discuss PDFs first. Aside from being a standard file format that you can use in sharing files, what is a more specific characteristic of it?

The portable document format, more commonly known as PDF, essentially functions as a print-like image copy of your document’s contents. It ensures that a replica of your file will appear on any computer used to open it. So, it preserves everything inside, including document formattings such as paragraphs, font styles, columns, and many more.

How would the file conversion to PDF benefit me?

Aside from being able to preserve document formatting, there are many other benefits that you can get in some aspects. You would thank yourself for going out of your way to convert your Word files to PDF. Find out about them below.

Establishes credibility

You might just brush off the matter of making sure that your files appear precisely the same no matter what happens. Did you know that doing so actually translates to ensuring the other party, in short, your recipient, that they can trust you in the handling of the documents? PDFs can retain graphic integrity, establishing that the creator of the file is credible as well. 

Easy to access

As we’ve mentioned above, PDFs can be found in various sectors of society. Almost everyone is familiar with this file format and might likely have the means to view what’s inside. Most web browsers today are equipped with the ability to handle PDFs. On the contrary, people might need to install specific software, such as MS Word, to open the Word file that they’ll receive.

We all know that such word processors mostly come for a fee, so ensuring that your recipient can view the file is important. It also expresses that you consider the possible situation of the other party – whether they have a word processor or not.


PDF is dubbed as the most secure file format amongst all others. You can impose two levels of authority by using two types of password protection. These are the user and owner passwords. For a little info, user passwords allow people to access the file. On the other hand, owner passwords provide master-level authority, which enables the file creator to impose restrictions.

You may password protect your file and only share the key with your recipient. Doing this might show that you value security and the confidentiality of potentially sensitive information. This way, they may trust you in keeping the safety of their data.

How can I convert my Word documents to PDF?

A single search on your browser is all it takes to find many tools to do the file conversion. Despite the countless choices you would see on your screen, take a little time to check out whether they’re safe to use. We recommend that you use PDFBear in converting Word to PDF if you’re looking for a secure and efficient converter.

A web-based service like PDFBear only needs you to go online and start doing the conversion process. That aside, it stands out for its tight security and superb service in terms of handling PDFs. Here’s a short guide on how you can use our recommended tool easily.

  1. Go to PDFBear.
  2. Upload your selected file to the website.
  3. PDFBear automatically converts your file to PDF.
  4. Download your file and share it with other people

Final thoughts

Though there is nothing bad with sending your Word files in their default format to others, your goal here is to make them seem more professional. The standards for the adjective professional may vary, but some of them may include the appearance, security, and accessibility of the files. You can achieve this by converting Word to PDF with PDFBear!

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