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 Seven benefits of why VPN is a lifesaver

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In this era of technology, when everything falls under the digital platform, there is a potential danger surrounding us with every click that we make. At this point, the tech companies may be mining your data and selling to the highest bidder, and you won’t even know.

You are walking around freely, and you don’t even know if there are web scammers, thieves, trolls, spies, hustlers, or hackers near you. This is what happens when our system is exposed with no VPN.

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN is a network system that we find outside the internet. This system uses additional encryption and security measures to secure our data and even our identity while we surf the web. VPNs are necessary more than ever, and with that, they are affordable too.

Even if you are a business owner or a regular browser, your data must be encrypted for some particular reason. However, if you are still not convinced, here we have lined by seven benefits that explain how VPN is a lifesaver;

 Protected File Sharing

With a VPN at your service, you, and others, can share and transfer files for an extended duration without worrying about the fact that your data can be stolen or exposed. A VPN provides you with secure file sharing.


Anonymity is either one of the internet’s greatest blessings or its primary problem, depending on what purpose it is being used for. However, we cannot deny that when your identity is exposed, anyone uses your data to exploit you.

Moreover, there are several activities that we don’t want that are traced back to us. By using a VPN, you can access websites and applications you wish while maintaining complete anonymity. This aspect makes VPN more beneficial than web proxies and modes, which do not protect your data or identity completely.

Remote Access

A VPN being a virtual network can be accessed remotely. It is an excellent resource for companies mainly as it enables employees to work from any place other than the office. Be it any place, your information and data remain protected as long as a VPN is used.

 Improved Performance

Along with the online security that we get, a robust VPN can highly improve and enhance things like efficiency and bandwidth. This is because good performance is something no internet user would even think to argue with.

Avoid Blockers and Filters

In certain regions worldwide, internet censorship is an actual thing, and it indicates that someone more or less is controlling the user’s worldview. That is why more people today are using VPNs, as they can bypass blocked websites and any internet filters. Therefore this is a chance to put the power back in your hands.


There are was never a better time than this particular moment to use a VPN. This is because some of these networks are highly affordable. Famous companies like NordVPN offer long-term plans that give you easily affordable intend to pay for your privacy.

Enhanced Security

The primary reason to use a VPN is undoubtedly a self-explanatory one: greater online security. When you use the encrypted network remotely, you keep things like your location, IP address, passwords, and data safe from big tech companies or potential hackers, or any individual trying to exploit you. Even the Internet Service Provider is unable to see what you are up to. They only get encrypted statistics from the VPN server.

In recent years, most cyber experts have warned against hackers orchestrating DDoS attacks. In simple words, the hackers tend to drive increased traffic to the site that overwhelms the servers and crashes the site. This is the brief window of opportunity that they look for to plant their malware or ransomware when the server’s security is down. This is why you need a  VPN for DDoS protection to help you stay safe online.

Moreover, a little hack you can enjoy if you utilize your VPN correctly is that you can shop for cheaper airfare by switching your IP address and changing your location. That is because several reservation centers offer different prices and deals for other countries and regions. If you can find a region or a country where things like airfare or rental prices are cheaper, you buy a ticket at a lower price by connecting through a VPN.

Therefore from the above discussion, you can see that VPNs so offer better overall security, remote access, improved performance, anonymity, and in some cases, cheaper rentals and tickets too. Also, they are highly affordable. Even after all these benefits, if you are not convinced, this means that you want companies and hackers to have full access to your data.


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