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All you need to know about Ryan DeBolt

Ryan DeBolt is a Mexican business accountant who is recognized for being the husband of famous singer, actress and activist Sara Ramirez.

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The multi-talented Ryan DeBolt was born on 25 September 1980 in Mexico City, Mexico. He is a business accountant, yet he may be known best for being the spouse of brilliant entertainer Sara Ramirez. Ryan’s father is a manufacturing worker, and his mother is a homemaker. 

 He concentrated on his studies and was the most competent student in his secondary school, while he loved playing football, dancing, and acting. After completing secondary school in 1998, Ryan joined a high school and graduated with a Business Administration degree in 2002.

 His wife, Sara Elena Ramirez, is a contributor who has been supporting the LGBT people group throughout recent years. These days, she is an individual from the governing body of True Colors United. Ryan DeBolt age

Quick Facts and Body Statistics:


Sex: Male

Date of birth: 25 September 1980

Place of birth: Mexico City

Age: 40 (As of 2022)

Nationality: American

Weight: 5 ft 8 inches or 178 cm

Height: 75kg or 165 lbs

Horoscope: Libra

Occupation: Business Analyst 

Net Worth: $1 million

Spouse/Girlfriend: Sara Ramirez

Instagram: @rayandebolt.rp

Twitter: @RayanDeBolt_Ryan DeBolt height

Further details 


  • The smart star is very cryptic, and he does not like to ramble about his profession; however, it is recognized that he has been working for a long time for TIMEC Inc. Mainly, he is interested in the gas and oil company, as their business expert.

  • He spent his childhood with his siblings, and the family mostly needed more cash to cover their bills and set a meal table.

  • Ryan met Sara in 2000 when a mutual companion at a bistro introduced them. She likewise works with different associations like the American Institute of Bisexuality, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, and Bisexual Organizing Project.

  • In June 2001, he took Sara on a get-away to her fantasy travel station in Paris in France, and there, near the Eiffel Tower, he proposed to her. 

  • A private function was organized on 4 July 2012 at an oceanside in New York state, went to by the two’s dearest friends and family. 

  • In November 2020, he was espoused to Sara Ramirez, and the two do not have any kids as they have settled to focus on their careers. He loves to travel and has been to numerous US states along with his better half. 

  • The two have additionally visited other European nations other than France, like Italy, Germany, and Spain. His fantasy travel place is Venice in Italy.

  • His wife, Sara Elena Ramirez, holds both Mexican and American identities. She is an artist, lyricist, advocate, and entertainer who may be known best for representing one of the lead characters Dr. Callie Torres in the heartfelt show “Grey’s Anatomy.”

  • He is an admirer of animals and has a pet dog, while his beloved animal is an elephant. Ryan intended to go to Africa for a safari in 2021. 

  • In his extra time, he loves to watch films, and some of his cherished characters are Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, and Al Pacino; his beloved motion pictures incorporate “Scent of a Woman” “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Scarface.”Ryan DeBolt



Q- What does Ryan DeBolt do for a living? 

The ex-husband of talented actress Ryan is a Business Analyst, Banker, and  Music editor. 

Q- Is Ryan DeBolt still married?

Ryan and Sara Ramirez ended in 2021 after a 10-year-long relationship. Now, he appears to be single.

Q3- Ryan has kids

Sara and DeBolt did not have any kids while they were married. On the other side, they were a contented pair. Sara once had a pregnancy rumor, however, the claim was never verified.

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