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PUBG Mobile Tips and Boosts: Become a Battle Royale Master!

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By now, most people know what PUBG is and what it’s about. If you don’t, here’s a quick little run down. The PUBG game was originally launched out in 2017 for PC. However, later on, it was released a version for Xbox and has now released its Android and iOS version. It runs surprisingly smoothly, especially for what you’d expect from PUBG, given its history on the game’s PC edition.

Your device is going to make a substantial difference in your performance. I’m not saying that you need/should buy a $1,000 phone to succeed at this game, but it can make a big difference. You have to make sure that you can keep your phone plugged in. Moreover, make it clear that you are connecting to a reliable internet connection.

When the plane is starting its trip across the screen. Find your way to one of the high energy points of the map: School, Water Town, Polyana, Sosnovka Military Base, or Pochinki. There are a few more, but these are some that have proven to be worth the trip. These places are popular because they typically drop the best gear and there’s usually a lot of it.

Just be warned: you will more than likely have to fight for it. If you follow some of the combat tips that I mention below. You’ll more than likely survive to tell the tale; wearing the gear of those that fall before you. And whatever you manage to scavenge before the little blue circle says it’s time to go.

Unknown Battlegrounds

‘PUBG’ for short, is a Battle Royale game that tosses up to 100 players into an arena and forces them to fight to the death until there is a lone survivor or team of survivors. You parachute into the map at any location and gather supplies: weapons, armour, and health kits to help your survivability. The idea is to stay within the confines of the rapidly closing circle while eliminating other players until the last one standing.

Hang around in these places for as long as you can while gathering gear. Don’t leave too soon or you risk getting tagged in the back by some of the players playing lookout. You may also just miss a good gear, and it’s vital you take your time so this doesn’t happen.

Gathering Equipment

Here’s something that’s different from the other versions of PUBG. Now, your gear can be collected automatically for you. When you approach a gear pile, simply click it and everything coloured orange will be auto grabbed. These orange items are either an upgrade to your gear, ammo for your weapons, or health kits. The game knows you need these types of equipment Therefore, they will grab them automatically. Make sure you’re scanning the loot for some other forms of equipment that you may want instead of what you’re already carrying, like a different gun.


Armour goes up in rank based on its level. Ex: Helmet level 1, or Police Vest LVL 3. The game will typically grab the next level and auto equip it for you. Just make sure you are wary of how much health it has left. Don’t go running into a gunfight getting yourself killed because you thought you had a full health vest. Gather as many high-level gear pieces as you can and keep an eye on its health.


You have to make sure that you grab every single bottle of pills and every can of energy drink that you can. These will save your life. Picking up medkits is an obvious requirement, but the pills and drinks aren’t always understood. Pills and energy drinks give your character a boost that can regenerate health over time and can make them run faster. These can be lifesavers in tight situations where you need every advantage you can get.


The game’s auto grab system will automatically equip weapon attachments when you collect them from gear piles. Make sure you’re aware of the sights and upgrades that are being added to your offhanded gun. Don’t be caught off guard because you didn’t know you had a scope on when you were expecting iron sights.


If you decide to jump into a high energy place at the beginning of the game, getting good at combat will be essential. But remember, this is mobile. Being as accurate on here as you are on your PC is a dream, so don’t get upset when you go whiffing shots all game long.

Weapon Choice

Tencent has toned the graphics down for this game a lot. Especially since you’re now playing on a phone and not a computer. Players who grab snipers for the majority of their combat are going to have a tough time. Enemies become splotchy and hard to see at distances, so gathering up closer range weapons is a better idea.

You can still hit decent ranged shots with Assault Rifles anyways, so, better to play it safe than sorry. Players should keep pump shotguns in one inventory slot, and an Assault Rifle like the Scar-L or the M416 in the other. The shotguns will win you almost every single close-ranged gunfight you have, and the rifles will let you take on any further distances.


This is so incredibly crucial. When you find yourself in a close-range gunfight, remember this one super important tip: Strafe. Move your character around while you fight. Chances are, your opponents are going to be standing still trying to line up a shot. There won’t be much-a-do about aiming for you since you have a shotgun.

Just lift your gun to chest level and strafe until they are in your reticle. One or two shots ought to do it unless they’re wearing level 3 gear. Then you’ve really got a fight on your hands. Just be persistent, and don’t standstill.


Sights are such a huge part of PUBG even in the Mobile version. Get sights on your gun, and do it quickly. It is too difficult to hit the targets at further ranges when your optics are clogging up half your screen. Red dot sights or Holographic are going to be best for this Mobile version of the game as they are clean and occupy the least bit of screen real estate.

Long ranges are hard to see on such a small screen, so don’t bother with scopes. Also, don’t risk giving away your position trying to shoot that blotchy mess running off in the distance. Play it safe, and wait for closer engagements.


Once you’ve dropped in, gathered your gear, and have won a couple of gunfights, it’s time to survive. You’ve done the scene in the Hunger Games where all the people slaughter each other in the cornucopia. Now, you find yourself a nice vehicle and get yourself to the centre of the circle.

Don’t expose yourself by being loud or firing off shots for no reason. Unless you’re into losing; then by all means. Just get into a building and watch for other players that decided to saunter into safety after you did. Pick them off, or jump down and engage them with your shotgun.

If you find yourself in the circle and there are already people in the place you want to be in, then just repeat the combat portion of this article. Level your reticle, strafe, and win.

What this Game Means for PUBG

PUBG got a lot of attention when it was first released. There were even competitive teams that would compete for cash prizes. Though you probably won’t see a Pro-League arise from PUBG Mobile, there will definitely be a large amount of attention brought the PC version’s way. The more accessible a game is to the public, the more players are likely to play it, and the more people are likely to watch it. Even if it’s not on their platform.

For some, PUBG on the phone will be their first entry into the game. It will more than likely be enough for many people to start paying attention to the games competitive scene; which had previously been lacklustre. This is a critical moment for the Esport and the revival of the game’s initial popularity.

With a new map on the way, hopefully, the developers can get a hold of some of the PC version’s lag and Desync issues that frustrate so many players and push forward onto a much smoother version which has just been released on Android and iOS.

Final Few

When you having the last few players, you’re going to want to make sure your health is at full or as close to it as it can be. Take your health packs, and then, before engaging anyone, pop some of your painkillers or energy drinks. Jumping into combat with your ‘roidd out, the shotgun-wielding tank of a character, you have a better chance of survival.

You won’t win them all, though. There’s a chance that they’re just as ‘roided as you. So, it’ll look like two Hulks knocking heads out in the prairie. Just be sure to STRAFE.

The best is to walk around the perimeter of the blue/white circle to make sure no one is hiding along the edges watching for you. You can catch a lot of players by surprise this way, which is the best and easiest way to win gunfights.

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