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Protection of the skin from the wind!

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Do you love every season of the year? But our skin is not so good. From the cold and temperature changes, it turns red, becomes dry and often peels – in general, it feels under constant stress. Skincare products are useful in any season, so in this article, we will tell you how to support your skin against the wind and sudden changes in temperature.

How does the off-season harm the skin and hair?

At a low temperature, the humidity of the air decreases, that is, the air becomes dry, which, in turn, contributes to the loss of moisture from the skin. Dry, dehydrated skin is more prone to damage. Dry hair, similarly, becomes more vulnerable. In addition, if you have problematic skin, or suffer from, for example, eczema or psoriasis, these problems tend to be aggravated by the cold wind.

An additional factor that makes the skin more prone to dryness and irritation is the frequent use of detergents (soap for the skin or dishwashing detergents, for example) and alcohol-containing antiseptics. These products wash away the protective layer of lipids (fat), the skin dries out faster, and the upper layers of the epithelium peel off.

From frequent temperature changes, the skin is often characterized by:

  • dryness;
  • shelling;
  • an unpleasant feeling of tightness;
  • dull, earthy color;
  • redness;
  • feeling that the face burns after a cold wind;
  • decrease in tone and elasticity.

How to protect the skin of the face from the wind?

Cosmetologists advise supplementing the beauty routine with cosmetics with such components as:

  • hydrofixants (glycerin, hyaluronic acid);
  • acids;
  • panthenol;
  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin A;
  • aloe extract;
  • polysaccharides.

Moisturizing is a basic need of the skin, because without moisture it fades, peels, and mimics wrinkles to become more noticeable. At the same time, the use of moisturizers in the off-season has certain caveats. Under no circumstances should you apply a cream with moisturizing components or a spray immediately before going outside. This should be done 30-40 minutes before the walk because if it suddenly gets colder outside, water molecules can turn into microscopic ice crystals and injure skin cells.

Harsh soaps and detergents: Avoid as much as possible

As we wrote above, using soap and detergent washes away the oil from your skin, resulting in dryness. Be careful with products that may contain alcohol, fragrances, or antibacterial agents. Instead, look for skin care products that contain moisturizing ingredients and added oils and fats. Give preference to soft products without fragrances. The gentler the moisturizer, the better for your skin.

To choose a cosmetic product for careful skin or hair care from pharmacy brands, consult a pharmacist or a manufacturer’s representative, who are often present in a pharmacy.

Humidify dry rooms

In winter, heating devices and batteries dry out the air, so it is worth ventilating the rooms, doing wet cleaning, and using humidifiers.

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