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Paytime Apps have come back to Google Store After Removal

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As you know, Paytiume First Games and pay time app had removed from google play. After that, the policies were highlighted about gambling. Paytime actually offers free fantasy games. Now it is back on Google Play, and the app has been reinstalled on the same day. Google highlighted the policies that the policies did not allow “ casinos or support any regulated gambling apps that facilitate sports betting and fantasy sports in the country.”

Well, Paytime does not ask for real cash, but it has a bonus account that adds bonuses from previous bids. Earlier pay time first games app was involved in a real cash transaction for playing fantasy games.

The company Noida Bases One 97 Communications stated that they brought back the app with free fantasy sports. Moreover, the pro version is available for download through the website. You can add real money via UPI Cards or net backing to a deposit account.

Google does not allow to promote the pro app on your own free app or pay time app. However, it could be promoted on google and youtube by paying fees. Playstore has the ability to banned the Paytime app if the pro version would have to be promoted.

Moreover, Paytime First Games stated that Google blocked fantasy gaming and completely legal business in the country.

First, no clarity is provided on the removal, but the Paytime hit the google shortly when the regular app is reinstalled on the play store.

Google responded to Paytime in the statement saying, “ offering cashback and vouchers alone do not constitute a violation of our policies. In the case of repeated policy violations, more serious action could be taken.”

Paytime launched the Paytime mini app store on Monday. Google rolled back the enforcement of its 30 percent in-app commission. The google play billing system in the country would be implemented until 31st March 2022.

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