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Why we use Online Tool For Text To Speech for US English language!

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The advanced technology opens up various paths for the masses and comes up with exciting outcomes. 

We witness enormous stunning and marvellous online tools which facilitate people both in their personal lives and professional lives. 

Technology will not cease to amaze the masses at all. It keeps on presenting fabulous online tools, and one of such is text to voice.

What is a Text to Voice Tool?

It is the online approach that makes it much convenient and easier for the users to listen to the content they like. Here, the user enters the content, and it will be converted into sound or audio. Yes, you can listen to the content quite amazingly. No matter what kind of content it is, you can enjoy listening to it while doing your other tasks. Hence, it saves much of the t=precious time and energy too. The main technology on which it works is OCR (Optical Character Recognition. It recognizes the content and converts it into the 

Why Use Text To Voice Tool?

There is lots of content available on the internet which people have to go through. It takes energy and time to view the content for reading.


 The people who spend most of their time on the internet suffer from eye strain when they read the length content. Hence, the best and stunning solution for all such issues is using the online text reader. Moreover, the content, such as e-books, huge assignments, thesis, business profiles, testimonials, etc., is easy to listen to using text to audio. 


The major benefit of text to speech is that it is read out loud so that the teachers, students and other people can listen to the content. People suffering from reading and visual impairment had to suffer much for gaining knowledge. Besides this, there are people who have the desire to learn while they run short of money. Text to voice helps people with dyslexia, blindness and other such disabilities to stay updated about the current news. Moreover, they can learn and communicate easily through such a platform.

Use for Business

The promotion of the business through advertisement is easy. It is not worthy of hiring others for the voice over to the promotional content. Save more while gaining the benefit of text to voice. Write down the creative and exciting content for your brand and then enter it into the online tool. It will read it out in either male or female voice as per your desire. Adopt this worthy strategy for all the business promotional content and take the sagacious move. 

Features of Text to Speech

The outstanding and flawless performance of the online tool makes it ideal for people to use. Moreover, it does not bother people in terms of quality and comes up with various stunning features. These include:

Multiple Languages

The most amazing benefit of using the text to voice online tools is that it reads the content in the language you want. It supports multiple languages, and hence the people throughout the globe can gain benefit from it. The most frequently used languages for it are English, UK, English US, Google, Google Espanol, etc. 

Selection of Speed 

This feature is an approach for saving even more and more time. After entering the text, the user can choose which speed he wants to listen to the content. Maximize the speed or even listen at the normal speed you like. The range of speed that text to voice online tool offers is from 1 to 10. 

Selection of Pitch

Another exciting feature of this free online tool is Pitch. Users can choose the Pitch of the sound or audio. The range for it starts from 0.5 and limits to 20. This huge range ensures to benefit the people and satisfy them with the performance of text to the audio tool.

Quality Outcomes

The huge dictionary and database help in the recognition of characters easily. Hence, it easily determines the content and converts it into sound. As a result, these flawless performance and quality outcomes are highly likeable, which are ample to please the masses.

Method to Use Text to Audio Tool

Now enjoy listening to the written web content or academic content without any hurdle. Duplichecker offers an excellent text to voice online tool that demands nothing but a robust internet connection. This text to audio tool is free to use and involve the following simple steps for its use:

  1. Open up the Text to speech online tool on your browser.
  2. Enter the text in it
  3. Now make certain selections. Choose the language along with the version such as female version or male version
  4. Choose the speed and Pitch
  5. Click at the Play button and enjoy listening to the content

This online text reader will keep on reading the entered content in the language and speed that you like. Use it multiple times and get to know about the information that the content is having. 

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