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Online Bingo Vs Bingo Halls — which comes out on top?

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Since the introduction of the Betting and Gambling Act on January 1st 1961, which legalised gambling, Bingo halls began to emerge up and down the country, taking the UK by storm. Today, Bingo remains popular in the UK, with the most popular way to play is online.  Players are putting down their physical dabbers in exchange for their phones and tablets, opting to play Bingo games online, enjoying the site’s convenient nature and unrivalled section of games.

Because of the declining demand for land-based Bingo Halls, many venues were forced to close their doors. However, there are still around 350 Bingo clubs and halls open within the UK, who welcome regulars, newbies and bingo dabblers alike, which begs the question —where are you playing next? Online or at a Bingo Hall?

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Bingo Halls

You could gather your friends, get dressed up and clutch your dabber as you listen out for those eclectic Bingo calls that could bag you a prize. Sometimes there’s nothing quite like the buzz and social nature of a land-based venue, playing the game as it was intended.

As we previously mentioned, a trip to a land-based Bingo Hall is a chance to be social, see familiar faces and get out to enjoy your surroundings whilst having the potential to get a full house and take home a cash prize!

Games are played at set times, which all players must be seated ready for, meaning if you are late due to traffic or not being able to park, you are more than likely going to have to wait until the next round begins to get dabbing. Also, for newcomers to the halls, if you are unsure on any bonus round games, or the game itself, you would need to ask a member of staff, unlike online games that have the information button in clear view at all times.

Online Bingo

It has never been easier to grab a quick game of Bingo, crossing off your numbers to potentially achieve a full house! You won’t need your Bingo dabbers, since the action takes place on your mobile device or computer. So, all you’ll require is an internet connection and a membership to an online site, to start playing a game of your choice.

New Bingo games start every 30 seconds or so, which means whatever time you log in, there will always be a few games ready and waiting to play —unlike if you were to visit a Bingo Hall. Each game on offer contains a different theme, making gameplay that little bit more interesting. So, whether you’re into Deal or No Deal, Rainbow Riches, or a simple game of classic Bingo, there is something for everyone, with various jackpots up for grabs.

One big difference that you’ll notice between online and land-based Bingo, is the cost of the tickets. When you visit a Bingo Hall, you might be charged between £15-£25 per session. Whereas if you were to play online, tickets start from as little as 1 credit and you can stay for as many games as you like, the choice is yours!

So, now that we’ve compared the two, the choice is yours — are you playing online or at a land-based casino?

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