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Hip hop star Nesly Monterroso’s Death Story

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The latest news from officials shocked the audience; a 27-year-old hip-hop musician was discovered dead inside a barrel in the trunk of an abandoned car in Guatemala.

Nesly Lizet Consuegra Monterroso is, a hip hop music artist also known as Nesly Monterroso, has been missing for three days.

Three days after she was last seen leaving an office she owned in Guatemala City, Nesly Monterroso’s remains were found on Monday, according to The US Sun.Nesly Monterroso's age

The site mentioned the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, which said that a decisive blow to the head murdered the young woman.

She was in a barrel secured with rope, said officials with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against Life and Integrity of Persons.

After locals noticed the suspicious-looking vehicle, police discovered the body. The cause of the crime is still being looked into.

Social media users stated that Nesly’s body bore clear evidence of severe mistreatment when it was recovered.

Authorities still need to confirm their assertions that the keg contained some liquid. Nesly’s premature death is the subject of an ongoing investigation.Nesly Monterroso songs Residents of San Isidro protested the annual festival’s lax security and alcohol sales when local media reported that the celebration frequently ended in fatalities.

In Guatemala in 2009, there were roughly 45 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. In the US, on the other hand, it was 7.8.

Her sister wrote on social media: “All my life I’ve known you’re in a better place now. Everyone here greatly misses you, despite Diosito’s desire to take you with him.

The musician has gotten countless tributes from her followers on her social media sites.

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